LA'BOBO Thin Tile sheet how the shop is stuck

      Ready to renovate the old house, so during the weekend trips to building materials market. See a LA'BoBo thin tile plate, ultra-thin, only 4.8 mm, there are many specifications. I like their new "Paris" series, including a khaki, streamline the dark ornamental design of grain, is special. Sales staff also said that the thin plate when the shop is stuck without the original floor tile of wall of cock, more convenient and environmental protection. I don't know is true or false? In addition, my husband has a question, is "this thin will easily broken, the shop is stuck up can have what difficulty".
The net friend to reply:
      Let me talk about my experience. Don't know if I can answer your questions.
      Because the old listen to friends to talk about the new ceramic plate, has been a question "this thin can very easily broken."
      Two weeks and friends to BOBO foshan exhibition hall in person I have ever seen. Sales staff live demonstration "falling brick" scene let me cry of surprise. This thin a brick, looks so "thin". But they put on end plate, and then its overthrow, down several times, sheet is still intact. It was "thin but not weak." According to their interpretation. "If by using material and formula, in the past to make such a thin ceramic certainly fragile. LA'BoBo thin tile plate with new raw material, its flexural strength, water absorption and abrasion resistance are better than ordinary wall."
      Another "directly to the shop is stuck," I asked, they said so too. And the method and general floor tile of wall of the shop is stuck, does not need special adhesive or caulking agent. I think it is pretty good. Not only greatly shorten the time to decorate, also can reduce cost, a few.


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