Indoor metope and indoor ground Wet stick construction


Wet stick Schematic diagram.

1、Schematic diagram of cement-based ( wooden, glass) paving

2、Schematic diagram of waterproof paving needed

3、 Schematic diagram of external angle paving

4、 Schematic diagram of paving including thermal insulation materials


Indoor and outdoor ground construction

Thin construction shall be carried out according to the following process:
1). Inspection and handling at the grass-roots level;
2). Paste the ceramic plate;
3). The caulking;
4). Surface cleaning.
When the cement base adhesive paste ceramic plate, shall meet the following requirements:
1). The adhesive should be used according to the production of the products that configuration;
2). At the grass-roots level and ceramic thin paste surface should be clean, and should be clean and dust-free, without MingShui;
3). Should daub on the adhesive at the grass-roots level, and should use tooth trowel evenly, tooth profile should be full, clear;
4). Ceramic sheet should apply adhesive paste surface, thickness of 1.0-1.5 mm;
5). The appropriate laid ceramic plate with the help of a wooden poles, with a rubber mallet close-grained, tapping and press the pressure should be adhesive, board face level off;
6). Ceramic plate surface and gaps of the excess adhesive should be clear;
7). The adhesive after the initial setting, it is forbidden to move ceramic plate surface.
Caulking agent construction shall meet the following requirements:
1). Adhesive before the final set, caulking agent construction may be undertaken;
2). Filled seam an agent should be in accordance with the production of the products use configuration;
3). The gap between the sundries shall be removed, gap should be wetting, and shall not be stagnant water;
4). Caulking should be close-grained, without holes or pores;
5). Redundant caulking agent should be cleaned up.
Indoor metope of construction
Indoor metope of construction, except in accordance with regulations of the indoor ground construction, it shall meet the following requirements:
1). The construction should be performed according to the "bottom-up" progressive;
2). Adhesive before the final set, must adopt effective reliable lateral support;
3). The joints should be used in the locator fixed;



Construction engineering illustration


Guangzhou huangge hotel                                                  Jiangyin hospital building       

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