Heat preservation integration of construction

Insulation board schematic.
1, Rendering should be layered construction at the grass-roots level, it is strictly prohibited to empty drum, thickness of each layer construction is not more than 7 mm, and in the first layer of a layer after wipe again after the final set.
2, Plaster surface roughness at the grass-roots level to allow deviation to 5 mm, facade verticality deviation to allow 5 mmo 2 m check on feet.
3, When at the grass-roots level for the new plaster walls, generally for 10 m long section size detection, Yang Angle and decorated with all check in more than 10 m cord, large plane must be on the diagonal pull check, again through the study of the chisel of high flat, lower the plaster leveling method makes the wall roughness meet the requirements of allowable deviation. Frame elastic line according to the results of measuring unreeling, determine the installation position of each plate, ensure the accuracy of plate locating.
4, When the basic unit for the old walls or ceramic tile, Mosaic metope, the part should be remove empty drum and weathering, has loose old ceramic tile or Mosaic must be broken, then use 1:3 cement mortar filling leveling, and on the wall of dust, dirt and has pulverization of get in the way of bonding materials such as paint and putty layer was removed. Metope after adopting the above method processing, at the grass-roots level with the specifications for the 200 X 200 composite decorative board, according to the construction specifications paste on metope, maintenance in 5 to 7 days, with the hand drawing the whole piece of composite decorative board, if it is a decorative insulation damage, you can paste the construction, if it is wall damage at the grass-roots level, it must be on the wall at the grass-roots level to deal with.
Method of 5, plate coating: coating thickness control in more than 10 mm, control the glue area more than 50%, the total diameter of 60 mm.
6, Plate installation method: first use average float, the glue dots in the composite decorative board on the bottom, then knead plate affixed to the wall surface, holding a sucker adjust good surface roughness and the width of the frame joints, and anchor bolt in the desired location.
Product standards
1. The building materials and products combustion performance grading
2. The building decoration engineering quality acceptance specification"
3. The architectural engineering construction quality acceptance standard"
4. The "regulations of technology of exterior insulation engineering"
5. The insulation materials decorative board exterior insulation system
6. "polyurethane hard foam composite insulation board vinegar"


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