Outdoor hanging method

Hanging method sketch



Ceramic plate outside hang stick method construction
System features and advantages: high quality polymer modified cement based tile adhesive with brick back fixed
Metal guajian, thin paste adhesive hanging paste composition be installed on the surface of the base construction method. special
Suitable for outdoor insulation system with stick thin plate and 24 meters outside wall brick veneer
Compile and acceptance standard:
1) the building decoration engineering quality acceptance specification GB50210-2001
2) the floor tile of wall of pottery and porcelain adhesive JC/T547-2005
3) "architectural ceramic sheet application procedures" (JGJ/T172-2012
4) the construction tile adhesive strength testing standard JGJ110-2008
5) the exterior wall decoration engineering construction and acceptance procedures and brick JGJ126-2000
6) the dry hanging stone curtain wall with epoxy adhesive JC887-2001
Prepare the construction technological process:
The construction steps: using epoxy glue to fix copper wire 1 day in advance → Clean and wetting base level → Adhesive rub bottom → Base scraping gum → Brick back scraping gum → Thin paste → Electric vibration machine vibrated → drilling → Implantation of colloidal particles → Around the tight wire
The construction steps:
1, using epoxy resin copper wire fixed 1 day in advance
2, clean and wetting base level
3, adhesive to rub
4, base scraping gum
5, brick back scraping gum
5, thin paste
6, electric vibration machine vibrated
7, drilling,
8, implanted colloidal particles
9, round copper wire
9.1 ensure paste on the back to hang the parts dry plate;
9.2 steel piece surface with grinding machine grinding coarse;
9.3 used with steel piece of copper wire to use high quality special copper wire (∅ 16, twin);
9.4 paste after the completion of at least 24 hours to subsequent installation.
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