Renovation project construction


Renovation project


Ceramic plate renovation construction
System characteristics and advantages: LA 'BOBO thin tile ceramic sheet can without changing the original ground and metope, on the basis of the second renovation. Due to the ceramic itself has many characteristics, such as light, thin plate when the wall renovation has irreplaceable advantages. On the one hand, reduce the building load ceramic sheet is lighter; Ceramic thin plate on the other hand, can be directly the shop is stuck on the surface of the original decoration. Don't remove the original building covering, does not produce noise, no construction waste is produced. Does not destroy the original construction of the drainage, and take cover engineering of electrical appliances, etc. Do not use the special technology, a large number of save the time of renovation costs and renovation.
The construction process:
Basic level processing→Spring wire frameAdhesive preparationCeramic paste plate surface cleanConstruction of the adhesiveCeramic sheet backCeramic plate shop is stuckFlatness adjustmentSurface cleaning and protection
The construction steps:
1, the basic level processing: the base surface should be clean, the surface can not have dust, grease, mold release agents affect the adhesive bonding with the base surface material such as; The uneven regional leveling first; Local area, empty drum with a wire brush, shovel knife bonding on the surface of plasma or shovel at the grass-roots level and then leveling; Base the water slope must be in accordance with the design requirements. Finally use broom to clean up dust and garbage.
2, spring wire frame: works for six to seventy percent at the grass-roots level, can be segmented divided line, at the same time to cover layer standard points, to control the surface size and vertical wall roughness.
3, adhesive, construction on the base with sawtooth trowel first straight, will the adhesive evenly daub a hard layer, thickness of adhesive according to ceramic sheet size. Then with a trowel, serrated edges are adhesive tease out full uninterrupted zigzag stripe. When combing, trowel and the included Angle of about 45 °, 60 °.
4, ceramic sheet back tu: for ceramic plate shop is stuck, before the shop is stuck in the paste surface coating a layer of adhesive back. With sawtooth trowel straight edges are adhesive in clean ceramic paste flat to daub a layer of surface pressure of sheet, thickness of about 1 to 2 mm; And then with a trowel straight edge to less than 45 ° Angle of the ceramic plate edges of adhesive to make a chamfer, in order to avoid redundant when paste adhesive by extrusion sheet surface pollution, reduce the surface cleaning after work and joint effort. And then lay back pasted ceramic sheet on combing the base surface of good adhesive.
5, ceramic floor sheet:
    5.1 according to the actual situation of this project and paste order: from bottom to top; From the inside out.
    5.2 each layer of the ceramic plate should be set firmly on the bottom of the level of support.
    5.3 must ensure that the binder plumpness, avoid empty drum phenomenon; Each paste 30 of ceramic plate should be pried open a check whether the binder is full.
    5.4 according to the requirements of design in ceramic thin paste should be used when appropriate specifications of the locator, to ensure that the size of the seam is meet the design requirements, and ensure that the width of the seam is consistent (not less than 5 mm).
Construction engineering illustration

A pharmaceutical office building
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