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The new brick of pottery and porcelain "national standard, promote the development of ceramic plate

On May 15, the national standardization management committee approval issued the standard of GB/T 4100-2015 of the new national standard brick of pottery and porcelain, planned for December 1, 2015. The standard to dry pressing brick of pottery and porcelain thickness limit for the first time, the maximum thickness is no more than 13.5 mm.
The newly revised "brick of pottery and porcelain" standard to dry pressing brick of pottery and porcelain thickness limit: the thickness of the surface area smaller than 3600 cm squared to less than 10 mm; Surface area between 3600 cm squared up to 6400 cm squared thickness less than 11 mm; The thickness of the surface area is larger than 6400 cm squared cannot be more than 13.5 mm. According to media, that alone can save a lot of clay mineral resources, reduce more than 10% of the energy consumption, will save 17 million tons of standard coal each year.
The revision of the new national standard, the thickness of brick of pottery and porcelain as separate index, released official clear signal, namely, to save energy, reduce pollutant and carbon emissions, realizing green production, protect earth's environment! This is in line with new "environmental protection law" come! This shift, the impact on the ceramic industry is very big, will be the most significant adjustment of industrial structure, promote the further development of ceramic plate. More and more enterprises, under both cost and environmental protection "oppression", will turn to the sheet camp, parties to jointly promote the whole industry chain thin ceramic tile is changed.
As the earliest one of business entrepreneurs to try to develop ceramic thin, LA'BoBo thin tile  sheet brand founder Mr Tang Shuo degrees, as early a few years to raise funds for ceramics thin turn to carry on the research and development, from the equipment, technological formulation, application technique, functional area of marketing, etc have done a lot of work, has now completed the 4.8 mm thickness of the ceramic plate for mass production. New types of ceramic sheet products can replace traditional architectural pottery and widely used in building internal and external wall, ground, ceiling, replace traditional granite, marble, ceramic, aluminous model board, plank, wallpaper, high-grade paint, coatings, such as surface decoration materials, and only 1/5 of the traditional one third of the thickness of the ceramic tile, stone, weighs less than 12 kg / ㎡, transportation cost is low; Field cutting, drilling and glass are the same, is very convenient, no noise, no dust easily; Ground laid, wall pasting construction, low labor intensity, high efficiency, save time, save manpower, save work, auxiliary materials, the comprehensive cost, reduce the building load; Per unit area than traditional with specification of ceramic tile can save more than 65% of the mineral resources, electric power, more than 50%, more than 50% of the fuel, reducing sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions by more than 60%; "Thin, light, hard, new," product characteristics, can greatly promote the overall image of city building fa? Ade quality and significantly reduce construction comprehensive cost, material cost, leading to economize, the new trend of development of green architecture, green!
LA'BoBo thin tile  sheet is a kind of product whole life cycle energy consumption, social comprehensive cost is low, high ratio of green building materials products. Ceramic plate technology research and development, production and market application for saving energy and resources, improve the environment pollution has very great realistic significance.
LA'BoBo thin tile  sheet from the date of birth, is deeply marked by the consumption of energy saving, green environmental protection, advocate scientific use of resources, protect the earth's environment!
New gb of brick of pottery and porcelain, is undoubtedly the prospects of ceramic plate made the clear guidance. Says Mr Tang Shuo degree, the future will intensify promotion of ceramic thin, let more people know the ceramic plate, make more and more people to join the building ceramics thin ceramic process, protect earth's environment together, to struggle for the ecological civilization, beautiful China!
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