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Tang Shuo degrees: ceramic sheet "technical man"

LA'BoBo thin tile  (hereinafter referred to as "BOBO") ceramic sheet brand founder, Tang Shuo degree is a typical "technical man". , of course, in addition to the familiar LA'BoBo thin tile for ceramic industry brand, owner of Tang Shuo degrees and LA'BoBo thin tile production base - guangxi new thin ceramic co., LTD., chairman of Goldman sachs.
In July 2014, the new Goldman sachs is building energy saving in guangdong province association awarded the "excellent enterprise" building energy saving in guangdong province, in November the same year by the guangxi government identified as "high-tech enterprise".
In March 2013 and December 2014, two consecutive Tang Shuo degrees for the front pages of the science and technology journal reported. The two reports on the topic of "the subversion of traditional ceramics concept", "green ceramic miracle". Tang Shuo degrees "technical man" in this ceramic plate industry, and has since become the ceramic plate industry banner.
The man with the "engineering" green revolution
In August 2002, graduated from China university of geosciences Tang Shuo degrees of industrial and civil architecture major, then entered the ceramic industry, successive ceramic enterprises such as design director, marketing director, marketing general manager position. In the process from design to marketing, Tang Shuo degrees this acutely aware of "engineering", producing the ceramic tile of lighter, thinner and more scientific products, will be the future developing direction of international JianTaoYe energy-saving, environmental protection. Tang Shuo degree is in an intuitive make this judgment, so, you have to admire the "technical man" but also has the imagination of the school of arts living. Since then, Tang Shuo seized with the idea of research and development production of ceramic plate.
Since 2006, Tang Shuo degrees organization led more than 20 professional and technical team, for thin ceramic production, research and development, process, equipment, quality control, in areas such as systematic technology research, has 2 traditional architectural ceramic production line for thin, the experiment and can independently developed the first match in 2008 countries such as Spain, Italy production of LA'BoBo thin tile plate. Given the BOBO market positioning, decoration design, installation, technical difficulty, cost factors, such as BOBO in the first place to market 1200 * 600 * 4.8 mm ceramic sheet.
As a member of China building ceramic, ceramic plate is a disruptive product category is ceramic tile, the ceramic tile "thinning" as theoretical basis, set off for the TaoHangYe an energy revolution. Of course, any revolution is a step by step to come out, never overnight success of the revolution, the same is true for ceramic plate.
In 2009, the registered successfully Tang Shuo degrees PORCELA 'trademark BOBO, and launched on the market LA'BoBo thin tile (hereinafter referred to as "BOBO") ceramic sheet brand, began the journey of speakers.
According to the successful experience of China's xinmin socialist revolution, the red army of workers and peasants want to gain a foothold, must first establish a revolutionary base. Lead the core team in 2011, Tang Shuo degrees to invest on the mainland, finalised the thin ceramic brick production and technology achievements be born north flow city in guangxi, guangxi new Goldman sachs was registered and thin ceramic co., LTD., started a LA'BoBo thin tile ceramic sheet north flow production demonstration base, LA'BoBo thin tile has its base from now on.
Concentrate, single-minded, focused
In November 2012, guangxi new Goldman sachs thin ceramic co., LTD. Production base built in a phase of the annual output of 150 square meters of production line, an ignition successfully put into production. This suggests Tang Shuo degree of the "technical man" revolutionary breakthrough progress has been made.
New Goldman sachs in September 2014, the second production line successfully put into production, the company annual production capacity of 4.5 million ㎡, new Goldman sachs has become the current China and the world single wire and large output of thin ceramic production demonstration base.
In his choice of new Goldman sachs united the guangxi science and technology development, guilin university of technology, scientific research and development strength, with great concentration of r&d and industrialization to promote environmental protection high efficiency and energy saving materials in 4.8 mm thin ceramic plate complete sets of technology development and application "project, in December 2014, by the guangxi zhuang autonomous region government organization of scientific and technological achievements appraisal, obtained the cognizance of the international advanced level.
Now, new Goldman sachs is advancing a thickness of 4.8 mm ceramic sheet of mass production and market development and application promotion. In Tang Shuo degree view, LA'BoBo thin tile sheet products are all advantages, such as alternative to traditional architectural pottery and widely used in building internal and external wall, ground, alternative granite, marble, aluminum-plastic board, plank, wallpaper, high-grade paint coatings, such as surface decoration materials, and the thickness of only one 5 of the traditional one third of the thickness of the ceramic tile, stone, a square less than 12 kg, the weight of the ceramic tile shop sticks can be easily for the shop is stuck, save money, save, save time, safe, beautiful, durable, etc.
In Tang Shuo degree view, ceramic plate is one kind of product whole life cycle energy conservation and environmental protection, low comprehensive cost of society, high ratio of green building materials products. According to his idea, in the next five years, new Goldman will vigorously develop light-weight, functional ceramic products, in satisfies the requirement of ceramic plate facing high simulation effect, on the basis of key development with sterilization, far infrared, self-cleaning, negative ion, can storage features such as ceramic plate, depth to meet real estate, medical, transportation, culture, sports and other public activities in the field of architectural decoration needs.
At the same time, many Tang Shuo degrees to the personage inside course of study to promote the application of ceramics thin technology, hope more people join ceramic thin turn, light-weight development, jointly promote the ceramic to ceramic industry green revolution, truly scientific use of resources, protect the earth's environment!
Personal profile:
Tang Shuo degrees, China building ceramic thin one of the main technical developers and promoters, graduated from China university of geosciences, 2002 industrial and civil building professional, after of EMBA education in tsinghua university. The new thin ceramic co., LTD., chairman of Goldman sachs, guangxi department LA'BoBo thin tile  (hereinafter referred to as "BOBO") ceramic plate, founder of the brand.


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