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Pass love We're a family

On the morning of July 6, huaxi road headquarters in foshan quarter LA'BoBo thin tile plate in the exhibition hall, a very low-key donation ceremony on the fourth floor: 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 500 yuan, 1000 yuan... Sheets, stacks $one hundred bills was thrown into the donation box, 3 minutes donated 16900 yuan! It turns out that they are in for a factory worker misfortune compassion.
12 noon on June 30, 30 points, north flow city in guangxi, guangxi new Goldman sachs thin ceramic co., LTD. (LA'BoBo thin tile plate production base) raw material workshop staff tuo phlogistic, driving a motorcycle unfortunate in a car accident on his way back to the factory, brain injury and severe leg bone fracture. Be sent to the hospital for five days, tuo LAN is not out of danger, still lying in the north flow people's hospital intensive care unit. The vedas inflammation to raise her four children, one of the largest child is only 13 years old, husband and wife both work in a factory, household income is not high, in the trouble, the family is faced with dual pressure of spirit and matter.
Learned about it when a new Goldman sachs factory related leadership colleagues, everybody said: tuo is our new Goldman sachs of the people, when the life danger, running a obligatory. Xiong Gang administration department manager in the factory, though not a formal initiative, many colleagues know it all too late erase profuse sweat, from workshop to administration office, donated all the money with the vedas is phlogistic, forgot to take my money also borrow money to donate. The news spread to the marketing center of foshan city, foshan home people feel very sad, so also launched a donation activities, work together to help tuo inflammation.
Although marketing centers and factories are hundreds of miles apart, maybe most people have never met, but each other's heart is the same, is a family. Maybe we are not in the usual work feel such a deep friendship, but we are always together in front of difficulties, overcome together. We believe that as long as we all give our love, tuo inflammation is out of danger of hope. Sure enough, on July 6 in the morning, tuo Syria out of the intensive care unit, her family members of such a loving collective expressed deeply moved with thanks.
New Goldman sachs has the leadership and staff, their heart is human's sense of honor, big love world, there is reason to believe that this is a full of great positive energy of the collective, the collective will have genes on the road to success.


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