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LA'BoBo thin tile plate in the first half of the work summary and training conference

Recently, the  LA'BoBo thin tile sheet foshan marketing center was held in the first half of 2015 the reporting on activities report and training. In foshan, led by the chairman Tang Shuo degrees, marketing center staff for the reporting on activities, for the first half of the work is summarized and the planning scheme for the second half of the work.
Conference, instead, such as export, OEM sales department colleagues, for the first half of each was responsible for the sales work of the regional situation has carried on the comprehensive summary, including performance, new customers development situation, business performance, inventory, product structure adjustment, customer problems and solutions, etc., in the form of digital are analyzed in detail. Chairman Xie Dong Tang Shuo degree, President and other leaders made a comment, to each person's reporting on activities situation and aims at some problems of the regional guidance is given.
In addition, the marketing center of logistics department staff to work are summarized in the first half of 2015, are said to support the sales department is to work for the sales staff in the terminal from the front enough bullets, winning every battle, a brilliant victory.
Held and internal training at the same time, the first chairman of the lecturer is Tang Shuo degrees. For everybody at the meeting he tells the story of the development course of LA'BoBo thin tile plate, comprehensively expounds the company engaged in ceramic plate the purpose and significance, and all his "scientific use of resources, protect the earth's environment," the origin of the great dream. He from macroscopic to microcosmic, from domestic to abroad, from politics to economy, fully describes the prospect of the ceramic plate and the development of the company. Tang Shuo degree not only put forward the company's long-term development strategy, and the recent goals did the problem analysis and provide the solution.
Through this training, both in elite sales and support staff to the company has a new, comprehensive understanding, more clearly the direction of the company development, strengthened the faith that people struggle. In the second half we should readjust direction, centralized superior resources and win every battle, victory company set in early task.
Although the ceramic industry market situation is not optimistic, but it is both opportunity and challenge for  LA'BoBo thin tile sheet. At the national advocate green, low carbon, environmental protection, innovation, under the trend of sustainable development, is good at subversion of traditional LA'BoBo thin tile people full of confidence about the future, because of, belong to their time has come.
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