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LA'BoBo thin tile production base plate production safety meeting

On July 22, LA'BoBo thin tile plate production base in guangxi held a meeting of production safety and fire equipment using the training meeting, the chairman Tang Shuo degrees, vice President of Wan Zhenhua and related department heads and supervisors, monitor, such as technical personnel attended the meeting. Meeting summed up the factory in the first half of the overall situation of safe production, analyze the current situation faced by and the deployment of work safety in production in the second half. Chairman stressed Tang Shuo degree, safety in production, focus on concept consciousness enhancement, all departments should fully recognize the importance of safe production, to strictly implement the safety supervision responsibility, to carry out the safety in production work priorities. Hope the meeting after the action, have radical changes, rather than just meeting form. Each department after the meeting have to do a carefully hidden perils in safety, and timely rectification, nip in the bud.
Vice President Wan Zhenhua said, to strengthen the system construction, strengthen the responsibility, asked at any time to employees' personal safety in the first place. And lists the sundry block fire control passageway, product storage chaos specific problems, such as, to establish and perfect the system of safe production management files and requirements.
Conference, administration manager Xiong Gang attendees learn together national "safety production law", and by the company (safety) of the inductrial injury accident treatment plan and accountability ", implement the safety notice of screening and rectification system, briefly describes the management of production safety work and goals. Production director li yong, deputy section chief Yang Wei engineering department based on many years of experience in safety production, around the ceramic plate talked about a lot of experience from a professional point of view, and from the Angle of the ceramic industry comprehensively summarized the enterprise safety in production of eight major parts: gas station, furnace (gas), raw material workshop (machine operation), polishing workshop, electrical equipment, on mobile devices, commuting, other public safety. Director and deputy section chief Yang li commitment at the same time, the production department must support accountability system, each department director must immediately enhance employee job skills and safety knowledge training.
Finally, by the conference room to the stadium, the venue used by professionals to guide you to study fire equipment and related protection of common sense. Security responsibility is more important than mount tai, no security all benefit is equal to zero. Through this meeting, we self-check and security awareness had the very big enhancement, promote the harmonious and sustainable development, security and stability of the company.
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