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LA'BoBo thin tile plate was awarded "2014 China building materials furniture industry innovation product brand" title

On June 28, 2015 sponsored by the China building decoration association of the 2nd China building materials furniture industry development conference and awards was held in the great hall of the people in Beijing, the conference issued the 2014 China household building materials industry development report, and the recognition of a batch of to make outstanding contributions to the industry enterprises in 2014. China building decoration association important leaders, industry experts and scholars, and many other important guests, business representatives and the xinhua news agency, People's Daily, guangming daily and other more than 60 well-known television, radio, newspapers, and portal media reporter attended the conference. Under many authoritative institutions and the media to witness,  LA'BoBo thin tile plate for "2014 China building materials household industry innovation product brand" honorary title.
It is understood that this conference in order to "innovation, transformation and development" as the theme, explores the development of the new normal economic opportunities, pattern innovation, the household electricity, the application of new technology and new product innovation industry development hot spot and focus topics, such as common pulse future development trend of household building materials industry, especially in the transformation of traditional manufacturing household building materials industry and the application of "Internet +". China building decoration association, vice chairman and deputy secretary-general Zhang Jingyue said in a statement, the first 2014 stores, the manufacturer or dealer, are going through the throes of transition period, the traditional household industry in high speed growth period covered by the deeper contradictions and problems of industry began to gradually exposed. Traditional household industry facing the country's economic conditions, regional market environment, the development of the industry status, the change of new business models and impact, transformation and upgrading has become an inevitable trend.
And  LA'BoBo thin tile as the concept of the traditional ceramic, was one of the typical use of innovation and special ceramics production technology of the world's advanced science and technology, to produce a 4.8 mm thick conform to the standards of all kinds of ceramic plate. So far,  LA'BoBo thin tile plate products in all kinds of physical, chemical and other performance has passed the CE certification of multiple international authoritative testing institutions and obtain the corresponding qualified inspection report. Sheet from the date of birth, and deeply marked by energy conservation, environmental protection, ceramic enterprise naturally assumes the social responsibility of large plate. Push the concept of energy conservation and emissions reduction from theory to practice, as a new product, subverts the traditional ceramic  LA'BoBo thin tile sheet is only a third of the thickness of the traditional ceramic tile, every square metre than the traditional ceramic tile, mineral resources, more than 63%, more than 63% of the electricity saving, fuel by more than 56%, reduce sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions by more than 60%; Can be widely replace traditional architectural pottery and porcelain, granite, marble, aluminum-plastic board, plank, wallpaper, high-grade paint, coating and other surface decoration materials!
 LABoBo thin tile plate can stand out from the numerous national excellent enterprise, won the "2014 China's household building materials industry innovation product brand" the honorary title, is not only the China building decoration association recognition of LA'BoBo thin tile innovation strength, especially their anticipation of ceramic plate trend. However, our goal is far more than that, we want to make more and more people join the ceramic plate, protect earth's environment and achievement of green city dream together!


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