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LA'BoBo thin tile Won the China ceramics brand list a number of awards

On April 21, ceramic fair is in full swing,  LA'BoBo thin tile sheet in the ceramic fair by customers at home and abroad and the participation of the audience's consistent high praise, at the same time in the afternoon in China ceramics industry headquarters ceramic theater 2015 "Chinese ceramics top ten brand" awards,  LA'BoBo thin tile sheet made "China ceramics ten big environmental protection brand" "Chinese ceramics top ten innovative brand" top ten brand "art background wall" "ten big brand" exterior wall tiles and chairman of the board of directors of the company Tang Shuo degrees made the most contribution "China ceramic figure", become a dazzling star awards ceremony. This is social, media for  LA'BoBo thin tile sheet product fully affirmation and recognition.
List of the China ceramics brand campaign by China building material market association, the China news network and foshan ceramic network jointly organized large brand campaign, is the first Chinese ceramic industry strictly enforce WeChat "one man, one vote" and the official website of the voting campaign, under the supervision of famous law firm and industry authoritative expert review, adhering to the professional and the concept of open, aims to build China's ceramic industry the most authoritative and professional, open and interactive year industry awards.
As the leading brand in the ceramic plate,  LA'BoBo thin tile professional, concentrate, focused on research and development production of the thickness of 4.8 mm below the ceramic plate, are in the industry earlier into thin ceramic development and production of the brand, after years of production test and comprehensive market verification, the current  LA'BoBo thin tile thin industry pattern is mature, whether core production process, equipment, key technology, or product ideas, custom design production and after-sales service, on-site construction guidance and so on all of its own.
 LA'BoBo thin tile always attaches importance to technology innovation, and the two countries concluded strategic cooperative relations, public university institute of materials from the product formula, production technology, product quality control technology research, firmly standing on the technical commanding heights, always lead the new trend of the industry. On product function at the same time constantly introduce new products, such as: upcoming using photocatalytic technology to produce antibacterial ceramics, etc.
Conference, secretary general of the China building material market association Su Guan, said Chinese ceramics brand list is of high quality fashion, green environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon and in various fields with innovation, integrity, brand recognition, promote the healthy development of the industry, to provide consumer product of pottery and porcelain of choose and buy brand guidelines. In addition, China's famous economist professor ding also appeared brand festival and do a presentation, for the present ceramic enterprise brand construction to provide professional advice.
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