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Trustworthy brand of ceramic plate

Ceramic sheet what brand is good, this is a lot of consumers when buying ceramic sheet will ask the question, because a good brand is the guarantee of quality, so it is necessary to choose a brand of cautious and a must. Small make up today is to introduce the most trustworthy the ten brands of ceramic plate.
First, the Mona Lisa MONALISA
Guangdong Mona Lisa new materials group co., LTD., ten big brand ceramic to ceramic tile, famous trademarks of guangdong province, participate in the international ceramic tile standards, high-tech enterprises, China building sanitary ceramics association, vice President of units, the collection scientific research development, professional production, marketing as one of the large-scale ceramic enterprise. The Mona Lisa is the leading brand of architectural pottery culture art, has a Mona Lisa is the only theme culture museum of art in our country, but also the global cultural Mona Lisa's first comprehensive introduction of thin ceramic art museum. Famous Mona Lisa ceramic tile to follow the Renaissance artist leonardo Da Vinci's exploration spirit and artistic ideas, to explore the culture origin from the decorative arts, design inspiration from the household life pursuit, explore the household adornment and the perfect fusion of humanities, arts, satisfy people romantic, along with the gender, the pattern of the delicate way of life.
Second, LA'BoBo thin tile
New Goldman sachs thin ceramic co., LTD., guangxi LA'BoBo thin tile, ceramic sheet top ten brand of China building sanitary ceramics association branch, deputy director of ceramic plate unit, household brand innovation, specialized in ceramic thin technology innovation and equipment research and development and product design, large-scale production and marketing services of high-tech enterprises. The company product specifications are mainly 1200 * 600 * 4.8 mm; Because of the unique "thin, large, light and hard, new, and" the product features, and can be "greatly upgrade the urban construction grade, and the overall image, greatly reduce construction comprehensive cost, material cost", to "scientific use of resources, protect the earth environment" of corporate citizen responsibility, leading to economize, the new trend of development of green architecture, green "significant application and economic value, the current products have been exported to 44 countries and regions, and in the country and the marketization of the government public construction, social construction engineering projects. Application of LA'BoBo thin tile plate is conform to the requirements of the national industry development planning and application of technical specifications, full product cycle is long, low comprehensive cost of social life, the highest cost performance, scientific, green, environmental protection and safety of a new generation of" tall "ceramic building materials products. View and take about, who is thin hair; dealt well with the nature, BoShan body, LA'BoBo thin tile plate is worth with you.
Third, in the new source
New source ceramics co., LTD., guangdong ceramic ten big brands, top ten brand ceramic tile, enjoys its reputation as the "aircraft carrier" building ceramics, China's space sector partners, domestic exports, one of the largest building ceramic enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales as one of the famous building ceramic enterprises.
Four, thin, beautiful
Shandong teck whye to decorate the porcelain plate co., LTD., thin, beautiful, ceramic plate ten big brand, famous trademark in shandong, shandong famous brand, national high-tech enterprise, national standards drafting unit ceramic fiber board, set research and development, production and sales of modern enterprise. Thin, fine porcelain plate product characteristics. Big: implicit and rich in passion, broad and flexible, little trace, and seemed to be a record of the dribs and drabs of life. Size is large, atmospheric adornment effect, made the noble unique taste. Thin thin: jade deposit reiki toughness, don't change a noble character. 4 -- 6 mm, the thickness of thin is exquisite, the brick is thin, but quality is still tough and brick, give you the quality of the security. Net: list all net like water lotus, set heaven and earth reiki, suddenly appear natural water stone blend. High temperature firing glaze special processing, easy cleaning and maintenance, prevent infiltration, high temperature resistance, no radiation, not easy peeling off, health and safety of life for you. Light: light, like a bunch of sharp morning, carrying a string of golden halo, dizzy catch the splendid nature.
Five, the post bo L&B
Magnetic ceramics co., LTD., foshan huang bo L&B, ceramic plate ten big brands, well-known trademarks in shenzhen, high-tech enterprises in guangdong province, foshan floodgate, new building materials engineering research and development center, r&d, production, sales as one of the modern large-scale enterprises.
Six, east peng Dongpeng
Guangdong dongpeng ceramic co., LTD., ten big brand ceramic to ceramic tile, famous trademarks of guangdong province, China building ceramic industry iconic brands, listed companies, high-tech enterprises in guangdong province, the domestic scale is biggest, variety specification is complete, the credibility of one of the best professional production enterprises.
Seven, Jin Haida JHD
Foshan Jin Haida ceramics co., LTD., a ceramic plate ten big brands, export trade company well-known in foshan, foshan ceramic industry association member, specializing in the production and r&d of ceramic plate, ceramic industry in China one of the earliest focus on sheet production enterprises.
Eight, Europe god nuo OCEANO
Foshan ceramics co., LTD. Of Europe god nuo, marble tile ten big brand, one of the ten famous brands in bo changes a brick, famous trademarks of guangdong province, guangdong famous brand, national high-tech enterprise, focusing on using ceramics for the public to create an original, science and technology, health, fashion, noble, low profile, and relative to their own way of life, luxury porcelain interpretation of the original value.
(China) co., LTD., TOTO, wei yu - sanitary ware ten big brands, the bath - clean body implement ten big brands, ten sizes urinals - urinal brand, was founded in 1917, Japan, the Japanese famous brand, intelligent wei yu is a global famous brand, one of Japan's oldest health equipment manufacturer.
Ten, Locke shiluoke poetry
Jinjiang city of fujian province comfortable ceramics co., LTD., poetry Locke, ceramic plate ten big brands, early burning natural gas instead of ceramic enterprises in fujian province, to produce ceramic plate production line has the world a great scale and global longer drying kiln ceramic plate, set research and development, production and sales in one of the modern large-scale private building ceramic enterprises. The ten brands of ceramic sheet is to introduce the finished, hope to help everyone sheet of pottery and porcelain of choose and buy.
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