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LA'BoBo thin tile sheet "innovation and development, to win the future" 2016 annual meeting of partners a successful ending

December 18 to 20, in order to "innovation and development, and win the future" as the theme of  LA'BoBo thin tile plate 2016 partners convention held in foshan three aqua green lake resort hotel and spa, from within the company employees and partners around the world nearly two hundred people attended the meeting, everyone gathered, sharing the joy, to discuss the development.
During the meeting, the chairman of the board of directors of the company Tang Shuo degrees and many guests sang LA'BoBo thin tile sheet performance advantage! Tang Shuo stressed, ceramic plate is an unstoppable landmark products for ceramic industry, just as mobile phones, digital cameras, new energy vehicles, the emergence of high-tech products such as LED lights, is subversive revolutionary innovation. In addition, Tang Shuo degrees for the next three years LA'BoBo thin tile sheet made a clear exposition of the overall development thought. He reiterated that after 2015 years of extraordinary development achievements, in 2016, LA'BoBo thin tile sheet will continue to adhere to the "scientific use of resources, protect the earth environment" of faith, in addition to maintain the high quality product, excellent service, but also increase the intensity of brand promotion, to users and peers promotion ceramic thin technology application, let more people join ceramic thin turn, change the present situation of the ceramic industry "3 tall one low".
Sales is a measure of enterprise development an important indicator, LA'BoBo thin tile plate Wendy xiu to domestic marketing director, to LA'BoBo thin tile from 2012 to 2012, put into production in three years the company has excellent grades, to all the guests tribute! Ceramics market conditions in 2015, but LA'BoBo thin tile still breakthrough growth, with the general partner efforts are inseparable. He said, in 2016 from the channel, product, marketing and so on road hand in hand, more comprehensive promotion brand, achieve greater breakthrough performance.

Conference, from chengdu, yantai, wuzhou LA'BoBo thin tile sheet partners, respectively, from their own channels, with practical cases to share their successful experience. These come from the precious experience in practice, have a lot of learning and reference, let the audience present harvest quite abundant. Partners have said after the meeting, "stone of tashan can offend jade", will be the good experience of transplanted back, in order to further promote the ceramic thin industry has the greatest contribution to power.

On site in order to thank all the guests, LA'BoBo thin tile all staff together with all of you had a pleasant night champagne gold. Bright lights, wine charming, in the subject of a time magazine cover pictures area and to "scientific use of resources, protect the earth environment" theme as the background of the declaration of green area, attracted the attention of lots of guests. Dinner in addition to the wonderful acrobatic performance, in the performance of the band, and remarkable engineering case appraisal aspect, the guests have chosen their outstanding case of the heart with "wuzhou YiDeCheng" as the representatives of the 18 cases received recognition. Finally, chairman of the board together with the guest chorus a passionate "true hero", drew a satisfactory full stop for dinner.
Through the preparation and the meeting, condensed the LA'BoBo thin tile sheet all the staff work, established the all in ceramic thin the confidence of the business partners, and reach a consensus on the grow in step. Believe that with you together, harmony and win-win, will as soon as possible "to promote green ceramic production upgrade, together create our beautiful home" this vision!


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