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LA'BoBo thin tile plate upcoming enterprise songs

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We try to change, the appearance of the world. "this is  LA'BoBo thin tile (hereinafter referred to as the"  LA'BoBo thin tile sheet ") brand's upcoming enterprise the songs "remember my appearance" lyrics. 15 p.m. on March 2,  LA'BoBo thin tile plate head of marketing Xie Gancai told reporters in an interview, the enterprise songs will be completed in the middle of march, and will be released in the near future.
According to Xie Gancai, song "remember my appearance" composed by Yuan Shuxiong write lyrics and singing, the whole song production started in December last year, the small sample has been completed, wait until the last record will be released. He also revealed that, in view of the "remember my appearance" the song, the advent of late may have a series of actions, such as the late will make MV, a song appreciation prize essay, micro film role for singing songs, and so on.
Reporter noticed when listening, sung by male remember my appearance, overall feel relatively young, passionate melody. Xie Gancai, said song style is positive, has a strong sense of incentive, compare with the style of enterprise, is in accordance with the requirements of the  LA'BoBo thin tile sheet chairman Tang Shuo degrees. "Enterprise songs is the carrier of culture, is the enterprise development to a certain stage, values and mission of the highly concentrated product.  LA'BoBo thin tile plate for six years has been committed to promoting the light-weight of ceramic tile, reduce energy consumption by ceramic tile production and all kinds of pollutants, 'we tried to change, the world face" this goal, let the world become more beautiful! This is the enterprise mission,  LABoBo thin tile plate is  LA'BoBo thin tile plate's commitment to the world." Xie Gancai said.
Journalists access to relevant information, the ceramic industry to create the enterprise songs of the company is not much, only part's organizations that focus on corporate culture building, like a new pearl, new light source, lens and other giants are still in the very early in the work.
According to understand,  LA'BoBo thin tile sheet marketing center had been idle in the second floor of the exhibition hall is currently MiLuoJinGu land planning, is to decorate, home decoration products, timely  LA'BoBo thin tile sheet and retail channels of domestic outfit.

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