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Adhere to the innovation idea Leading ceramic thin development (text/Tang Shuo degrees)

      Ceramic thin is the inevitable trend of era development, on the one hand, it has great social value, from raw material to the use of electricity, fuel such as coal, to install applications such as labor, logistics transportation link comprehensive energy consumption.On the other hand, it has great economic value, ceramic sheet itself is ceramic products, ceramic tile use thicker than the traditional more widely, suitable for all kinds of buildings, a variety of specific environment, using a variety of special construction.The article will be here LABOBO thin tile plate, for example, tells of ceramic thin in China to promote historical significance and realistic interests.
A,2016Ceramic plate market size will grow
LA'BOBO thin tile plate since launching market, has a clear positioning,2009Years, LA'BOBO thin tile Began to develop the international market;2012In the layout in the Chinese market.The layout of the market in China, LA'BOBO thin tile evelopment of the first stage is: a lot instead of granite, marble, aluminum-plastic plate, large size ceramic tile in the application of large public buildings.Due to the ceramic plate in the entire application process, you have to save money, save, save time, safe, beautiful, durable wait for an advantage, after years of promotion, using a large number of project  LA'BOBO thin tile Products and application technology, in the market have a certain cognitive basis and awareness.
The current coincided with the traditional economic transformation, it is an age of market, policy, reversed transmission reform, innovative products to better reflect the value in the present moment.For example, in the real estate business is good, high profit, developers can not demanding for building materials, will not be too much to consider in terms of cost control.But when the real estate business is not very good, developers to create their own comprehensive competitiveness, also can reflect the value of innovative products, at this time because it can improve the grade of the building, at the same time reduce the comprehensive cost of the building.Especially in the northern exterior insulation this aspect, LA'BOBO thin tile The heat integration technology can reduce a lot of comprehensive cost for the building, save the installation time, meet the demand of safer, more durable, more upscale, let many people to come.Market will be more and more businesses, factories involved in ceramic thin business, related to the promotion and contraceptives more widely, efforts will be bigger, thus improve the user's perception of the ceramic plate.Therefore, in the2016Years, the market demand for ceramic sheet will also increase, while the market environment is bad, but still not able to withstand the ceramic plate market bucked up volume.
Second, the industrial policy and market environment reversed transmission tao qi transformation
2015Years, the new national standard "brick of pottery and porcelain" made provisions for the thickness of the ceramic products, the basic idea is to thick to thin, guide the ceramic manufacturer of ceramic tile is thin to make profound thinking, is a positive influence for ceramic plate.
In the next few years, some weak brand, product is common, backward management, backward equipment, there is no prospective consciousness, the core competitiveness of enterprises, will be eliminated in the era of change.Can have a foothold in the future market, able to withstand impact, can better development, must be adapt to the market rules and development trend, to adapt to changes in industrial environment of enterprises.After all, the basic state policy of saving energy and reducing consumption is our not to violate, human demand for green hills and water environment is also will not change.Under the influence of so many factors, ceramic plate can accelerate the speed of the cognition.Under such condition, human spontaneous demand for protection of the environment will be more strong.As more companies, the market parties, environmental groups, such as participation and intervention, in the process of low carbon environmental protection of industrial upgrading, relevant policy would be more and more.The comprehensive energy consumption, has social value, economic value, innovative products should be a good news.
Third, insist on innovation concept leading ceramic thin development
In the development process of the world economy has a certain number of cycles.The present is the bottom of the world economy, China's economy faces downward pressure. LA'BOBO thin tile As an innovative brand, founding stage has established a clear positioning.2009years LA'BOBO thin tile  plate to enter the market, in a professional, focused, specific research thin ceramic products as the core. LA'BOBO thin tile Claims and to advocate the scientific use of resources, protect the earth's environment, because from the present situation of traditional ceramics, we found that the more innovative, from the production technology, application technology to product decoration, find the room to improve innovation.As a result, LA'BOBO thin tile Located ceramics and thin, saving energy and reducing consumption, improve economic efficiency, beautiful and durable and so on various aspects are products that are in accordance with the time development trend.
Six years ago, LA'BOBO thin tile  sheet from the production technology, production equipment, product application, marketing and so on omni-directional ceramic thin research and constantly improve their own core competitive ability, grasp the trend of social development and trend, in the process of industrial upgrading, social and economic transformation among the field of ceramics thin.Of course, this is an unfinished state, to achieve the goal, will continue to firm faith, steadfast, organize the internal management to carry out the layout of the market, consolidate the foundation of enterprise development, one step at a time, and do thin turn well.At the same time, we have the ability to lead, advocating more enterprises to join in the process of ceramic thin, let the traditional JianTaoYe from the pattern of "3 tall one low", jointly promote the industry development.
Four, go all out to make ceramic plate core competitiveness
In an age of market competition, the product is brand, the foundation of the future to do bigger and stronger in the market, we must improve enterprise comprehensive competitive ability.LA 'BOBOSheet for ceramics from the research and development of equipment, process, formula and production process development, and then to the product of the size, thickness, functions, surface design, application portfolio, such as the details of the study, and then to the collocation of individuation, differentiation, aesthetic thinking in the field of art, such as constant layer and phases, and implements from replace to lead.
At the same time, LA'BOBO thin tile n the application technology also has a large, in-depth research, such as integration of exterior insulation, wet post method and way of application tools, hang, etc., have accumulated a wealth of experience.In addition, LA'BOBO thin tile n the function of the products constantly research and development, for example: antibacterial, self-cleaning, insect-resistant, antistatic and so on various aspects of the technology.In terms of products, constantly broaden the research and development direction, make the advantage of the products constantly, improve enterprise service chain system, industrial chain system, business model, such as architecture, building belong to LA'BOBO thin tile  plate brand core competitiveness, unite with all forces that can be united, to the promotion and application of thin.
Five, the output of ceramic thin technology promote the development of industry
 LA'BOBO thin tile Although dare not acting the ceramic plate preacher, but over the past few years, we have always spares no pains to do work: to promote the development of ceramic tile is thin, equipment modification, process research, product design, function development...To large construction project owner units and at the same time, to real estate developers, construction units to different objects, such as manufacturers, to average consumer, bit by bit commands to explain, strive for their attention, understand and use the whole life cycle energy conservation and environmental protection advantages of innovative products!
So, the next few years, LA'BOBO thin tile  tiles in addition to continue to deep market and do the cake, or continue to make good use of the most important mature marketing experience, a wider range of marketing campaign to the upstream and downstream industry chain practitioners, the output of our technology and research results.Speed up and ordinary consumers establish a wider range of contact, let they learned from the experience, from suspicion to believe that from resistance to love, eventually LA'BOBO thin tile This has great social value and economic value of the products, achieve the goal of ceramic plate flying off!
We believe that a single spark can start a prairie fire, as long as the target firm, in the same direction, will be implemented LA'BOBO thin tile  sheet "scientific use of resources, protect the earth's environment has a great corporate mission!
(the author is guangxi new thin ceramic co., LTD., chairman of Goldman sachs, LA'BOBO thin tile Brand founder)
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