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LA 'BOBO thin tile sheet power line green decoration material "beautiful China" public welfare activities

By China building decoration association, China women's development foundation to launch the green materials "beautiful China" line in public welfare activities in the great hall of the people in Beijing on June 15, 2013 officially launched, and the support of the Chinese environmental protection association and industry outstanding enterprises.LA'BOBO thin tile plate as a pack association materials committee, the standing director unit, strongly support this activity, and in the next kay cup decorated with post skills contest, contest of exclusive sponsorship with ceramic plate, promote the skill levels of industry professionals, promote decoration materials enterprises with green material, green construction, decoration construction enterprise to build beautiful homes.
"Green, environmental protection, health, innovation" is the main concept of people's life in the new century, but furniture construction pollution and decoration pollution, pollution, light pollution has become a lot of leukemia, asthma and other respiratory disease, the main sources of diseases such as cataracts. We have to face the fact that the deaths caused by indoor air pollution each year has reached 111000 people, about 304 people every day. Association of Chinese interior decoration environmental test center according to the number, just every day in the country because of the number of deaths from car accident.
Published epidemiological statistics in our country, our country higher incidence of leukemia in natural, each year about 40000 new patients with leukemia, 50% of whom are children, and in the majority with children aged 2 to 7. A family to decorate indoor environment pollution, is considered to be the main cause of lead to increased urban children with leukemia. Statistics of Beijing children's hospital in 2001 cities, in children with leukemia, more than ninety percent of children with family is decorated in the half a year. Shenzhen children's hospital in 2004 with the authorities had been on the increase of leukemia children with family living environment investigation, found that 90% of patients within half a year has been decorated in the home.
For this purpose, the association of Chinese interior decoration, indoor environment monitoring committee director Mr Wide raw said at the meeting, have a family to decorate pollution issued warnings.
LABOBO thin tile to convey the concept of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction to more consumers and producers, guide the ceramic industry transformation and upgrading, environmental protection concept has become to the ceramic industry transformation and upgrading of the energy saving and emission reduction is one of the leading companies. Insist on innovation - alternative routes to "decoration design to replace the whole scheme" as the core service. Product design is given priority to with innovation, modern luxurious route, combined with the characteristics of the ceramic plate, light, thin, instead of ICI in domestic outfit, wallpaper, wood, stone and other organic chemical material, no radiation, aging, the release of formaldehyde, achieve more beautiful and more durable adornment effect; More importantly LA'BOBO thin tile sheet replace organic with inorganic adornment, from decorate pollution, protect the family health.
LA'BOBO thin tile hope through the power of the "beautiful China" the public welfare activities, and constantly promote the technological innovation of green building materials, to achieve "beautiful homes" "beautiful China".
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