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Power lines, "beautiful China" LA'BOBO thin tile let decorate pollution away from his family

By China building decoration association, China women's development foundation to launch the green materials "beautiful China" first public welfare activities in Beijing on September 28 NongZhanGuan launched 11 pavilion. LA'BOBO thin tile sheet will then appear as the activity fully specified brick at the event. This "beautiful China" public welfare activities mainly in the form of hosting skills contest, lead a group of industry elite technicians improve the skill levels of professional talents, promote the development of green decorative materials and decoration construction enterprise green construction, to build beautiful homes. "Beautiful China" public welfare activities will be held in more than a dozen provinces and municipalities, activity duration for months, audience including regional decoration association, design companies, construction units and construction materials purchasers, and so on.
In recent years, due to the decoration of indoor pollution phenomenon is evident, bridal chamber decorates or secondary decoration, formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile harmful material condition of excessive content, directly threatening human health, if the people living in this environment for a long time only harmful unprofitable, serious and even suffer from a variety of chronic disease or cancer.
LABOBO thin tile plate has been advocating low carbon, green, a new type of ceramic industry, actively organize and participate in the activities of public, environmental protection of the social from all walks of life, promote green, a new life. As a professional manufacturer of only 4.8 mm thick ceramic sheet, LA'BOBO thin tile sheet through technological change, thinking innovation, not only can make inorganic ceramic sheet products when using traditional ceramic tile, but also can replace ICI, wallpaper, wood, stone and other traditional organic facing material, durable, no radiation, not aging, not release such as formaldehyde tend to be more perfect decorative effect, become the safeguard of family living environment.
At the same time, because the LA'BOBO thin tile sheet itself thin, light, big, "new" wait for a characteristic, make the simple way of the shop is stuck, with special ceramic paste agent, can effectively reduce the thickness at the grass-roots level, thus greatly save space; Low-level thin wall tile construction and hanging method, greatly reduce the cost of the shop is stuck and maintenance costs. In the renovation, demolition of the original wall ground can be avoided, does not produce construction waste, reduce noise pollution, at the same time also does not destroy the original construction of drainage, and take cover engineering of electrical appliances, etc.
So as consumers have experience on ceramic sheet after cognitive, ceramic plate in engineering and decoration market will be the first choice of the construction of ecological home.
The direction of the Chinese dream lead China, BOBO green city dream dream achievement.
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