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"Beautiful China" Beijing station ended, zhengzhou station is about to open it

By China building decoration association and the China women's development foundation, organized by China association of building decoration materials committee committee to undertake, LA'BOBO thin tile sheet 2013 green decoration material "beautiful China" sponsored by Beijing station public welfare activities, on September 29, at five o 'clock in the afternoon before the national pavilion NongZhanGuan 11 a happy ending!
According to the participants, the event not only for decoration construction unit provides employees an opportunity to show their talent, but also bring attention to the work efficiency of construction personnel, to provide a high level of construction personnel a broader development platform. Can be seen from the race, the local construction personnel to sign up for the game, event, impressive set stick skills, ceramic plate easy construction performance incisively and vividly, participants get affirmation and admiration, even 600 x1200mm ceramic plate, single construction personnel can be easily operation, greatly improving the work efficiency, shorten the construction time, saving construction cost, this is also one of the reasons for the ceramic plate products are favored by the market.
The next few months, there will be more than a dozen events, ten several important provinces and regions, covering the whole country and cater to the local building materials industry important activities, to enhance the level of architectural decoration industry skills and promote the development of building decoration materials industry. Next event will be held on October 12 in henan zhengzhou open, the line "beautiful China" the organizing committee and LA'BOBO thin tile sheet through meticulous planning, the high quality products, professional technology, FOR the construction decoration industry guests show charm, green decorative products, green construction technology FOR the development of green decoration industry to lay a good foundation, is also the LABOBO thin tile sheet practice "FOR TOMORROW, FOR TOMORROW," the slogan of one of the public welfare activities.
BOBO is a dream, green dream. In the national 12th five-year plan, before the LA'BOBO thin tile plate has been through several years of industry analysis, at the height of traditional ceramic development, decisively new green ceramic sheet of new road, also believe in saving energy, green is the future ceramic theme and direction of development.
Is not only a zhengzhou station, more than 10 cities in the future activities, LA'BOBO thin tile sheet will, as always, for the audience wonderful contest, more will everywhere covered with PORCELA "BOBO" building "green skin, let beauty traveled across China!
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