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LA 'BOBO thin tile plate production base and put into production the anniversary celebration a success

On November 29, 2013, LA 'BOBO thin tile plate production base ushered in the birthday. Since put into production, LA'BOBO thin tile plate production base in guangxi by the perfect management, highly efficient production capacity, stable quality products for customers at home and abroad to provide quality of ceramic plate, and gradually expand the scale of production, increase production capacity, promote the market share of ceramic plate.
Activities on the same day, LABOBO thin tile plate production base, gongs, plant red flags fluttering, traffic, park road with LA' BOBO thin tile plate production base since the founding of the review, all employees wearing t-shirts with BOBO characteristics pose. The celebration party in north flow, held a grand international hotel, invited many government leaders, guests and partners to attend, including municipal and industrial park north flow leadership. Warmest congratulations to the leadership in his speech, and thank LABOBO thin tile's contribution to the local industrial development, and hope to have more and more like a LA 'BOBO thin tiles with environmental protection, innovation, focus on enterprises north flow, at the same time, to promote the development of local economy and does not destroy the natural environment, realize sustainable development. So prominent achievements, cannot leave the enterprise leader's vision, more from the leading role of the party - the hard work of frontline staff. Good show many stand out for the party, all kinds of performance of the audience was full of praise, all climax. Finally in corporate leadership, staff under the chorus of "true hero", a song, a happy ending.
Can be said to be the 2013 LA 'BOBO thin tiles to start the year of, laid the foundation, to precipitate the essence. In 2014, will be a LA 'BOBO thin tile boom years, as the party play video in LA' BOBO thin tile all the marketing center staff the cries: "we believe that the future is our!!!!"
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