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JianTaoYe transfor, known as "southland pottery, foshan city, is many strong ceramic brand famous collection and distribution center.After the reform and opening, foshan JianTaoYe present a rapid deve

, known as "southland pottery, foshan city, is many strong ceramic brand famous collection and distribution center.After the reform and opening, foshan JianTaoYe present a rapid development trend.But the more under the new situation, strengthen the ceramics industry in big population density, land resources are increasingly scarce urbanization caused great pressure.So in 2007, foshan began to comprehensive work on the adjustment and upgrade of ceramics industry.
Today, after 6 years, foshan thousands of building ceramic enterprises shut down and moved, a batch of concentration of fine ceramics design center, r&d center, exhibition center and headquarters also on rise, with reform and development of revolutionary constantly emerge in foshan ceramic innovation technology, the traditional Chinese painting, leather, wood, ceramic and metal ceramic, can float on the water such as ceramic, ancient ceramics industry, is coruscate gives new vitality.
A lot of media have tracking and report the great changes in foshan ceramics in recent years."Trip to xijiang, foshan:" southland pottery "turn", is a joint in guangxi by guangdong TV reporter reporter reported a rolling themes, depth of the road to explore the development of ceramics, at the same time had a profound influence to the development of the transformation of foshan ceramics.Sanshui district (purportedly from the xijiang and beijiang, suijiang named in this convergence) has advantageous geographical location, the "golden waterway" the superior spawned a long ceramic culture.In a group of contented industry reform, an innovative business representative -- LA'BOBO thin tile company concerned.
LA'BOBO thin tile company developed a with independent brands and many ultrathin ceramic product patent, is only 4.8 mm thick, its thickness is only 1/3 of the traditional ceramics.LA'BOBO thin tile sheet on energy saving 60% of the raw materials, are also can meet the requirements of strength, and from the production to the application of thin plate more energy conservation and emissions reduction.Enterprises to develop, however, is bound to expand the space.LABOBO thin tile Tang Shuo degrees chairman said, the company decided to moving production to guangxi's north flow, the first to saving energy and reducing consumption, the second is based on a strong sense of environmental protection, and the trend of the technology innovation and even the requirement of industrial upgrading, and have the guangxi xijiang golden waterway, have rich reserves of clay raw materials, the local government also has a generous support policy.Together this is the first choice for companies to shift production base to the west.
"Foshan: southland pottery turn" of the show, we see the LA'BOBO thin tile company to flourish, which also highlights the foshan ceramics in the transformation of two: first, building ceramic enterprise product idea is more and more tend to pursue energy conservation and environmental protection;Second, building ceramic enterprise transformation and upgrading, production line in the west.
In recent years, with the improvement of foshan city of industry development environmental protection standards, companies were forced to transformation and upgrading.In xijiang waterway of guangxi and guangdong have a strong complementary resources and industry, the pearl river, west river economic belt to rise to national regional strategy, a number of brand awareness is high, the comprehensive strength of excellent ceramic enterprises in guangxi, formed a production base of the trend of shift to the west, which promoted the rapid development of ceramics industry in guangxi.On the other hand, the foshan ceramics industry to speed up the focus and expand sales, design, technology research and development team, so as to make the enterprise structure more incline to at rationalize, accelerate the sustainable development of foshan ceramic enterprises, "foshan ceramics", the new reform, new heights.
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