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LA'BOBO thin tile Christmas pomelo, fruit color added sweet tea party

In western traditional festival, Christmas approaching,LA'BOBO thin tile plate combined with Chinese traditional culture, for the company employees and their relatives and friends, partners, presents a blends together the penetration of new feast - "LA'BOBO thin tile Christmas "pomelo", fruit color added sweet "theme tea party.
21 afternoon, the LA'BOBO thin tile creative garden exhibition hall, brought together hundreds of employees and guests gathered, experience the wonderful activities link, enjoy the sweet tea and buffet.In staff, under the elaborate arrangement of LABOBO thin tile exhibition hall is permeated with thick plate Christmas, Christmas tree piled hundreds carefully prepared by employees and guests a Christmas gift, during the activity will be randomly, mutual exchange of gifts.In addition, LA'BOBO thin tile also orchestrated a series of grapefruit theme activities, including grapefruit knowledge interpretation, sorrow, games, creative DIY, let people present play.To celebrate the festival, nature is little not draw link.LA'BOBO thin tile sheet Tang Shuo degrees, chairman of the site of six lucky guest, each sent 50 square LA'BOBO thin tile sheet products, put the event to another climax, for guests from all walks of life to bring a Christmas with BOBO characteristics.
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