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LA'BOBO thin tile plate was awarded the China building decoration association committee executive director of the unit

On January 9, 2014, 2014 green decoration material "beautiful China" public welfare activities "hope cup" kay decoration set stick skills contest foshan RACES and annual national finals to be held in foshan China ceramics industry headquarters.Yue-fei wang, secretary general of the China association of building decoration materials committee, foshan ceramic industry association secretary-general in maple, foshan China ceramics industry headquarters, general manager of Shang Jieming, Beijing century building material co., LTD. The chairman Zhao Zhenlin and kay LABOBO thin tile sheet Xie Jian south China area sales vice general manager and other leaders guests attended the competition.
Through the fierce contention of a competitor, decorated with post skills contest the national finals award ceremony on the evening of January 10, 2014 in huaxia new source hotel fifth floor banquet hall, set up the first prize, second prize, third prize and honorable mention.At the same time, the Chinese association of building decoration materials committee standing director unit of the opening ceremony is held in this.The LA'BOBO thin tile plate was awarded the China association of building decoration materials of the standing committee, director of the unit, and LA'BOBO thin tile sheet Tang Shuo degrees are employed as chairman, executive director of the China association of building decoration materials, fully shows the ceramic plate this kind of new environmental protection building decoration materials will be a big trend of the future industry, also embodies the LA'BOBO thin tile in the leading position in the field of ceramic plate.Believe in the future in the country's modernization construction and infrastructure construction, ceramic sheet will be more and more popular among the general engineering contractor and recognition, at the same time, through product lightweight, thin, the concept of lead building decoration materials industry and even all the industrial production, promote social progress, energy conservation and emissions reduction."FOR TOMORROW, FOR TOMORROW", this is LA'BOBO thin tile has been a dream of pursuit and dedication.
It is understood that the competition by China building decoration association and China women's development foundation, Mr Kay Beijing century building material co., LTD., foshan China ceramics industry headquarters and LA'BOBO thin tile plate joint undertaking.LA'BOBO thin tile plate as a contest to specify brick, the competitors in the process of understanding the performance of the sheet and advantages.Xie Jian said, "LA'BOBO thin tile have a' thin plate, the advantages of large, light and hard, new", the exterior and interior wall can be directly wet stick, construction installation costs by up to 60% and 60% on the installation of time and work intensity, is truly green decorative materials."
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