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New Goldman sachs phase ii ceramic plate production line construction project officially started

—— LA'BOBO thin tile emonstration plant phase ii project held a grand opening ceremony
On February 28, 2014 LA'BOBO thin tile plate production base in guangxi again ushered in the great event - phase ii production line construction project in north flow city grand opening ceremony.LA'BOBO thin tile has been pay attention to the science and technology the concept of environmental security and energy and energy conservation and emissions reduction technology into products, pay attention to products and the perfect combination of aesthetics, pay attention to product and ecological environment in harmony, with sound management and efficient production capacity, stable quality, spare no effort to products for customers at home and abroad to provide quality of ceramic plate.LA'BOBO thin tile precipitation after more than five years of brand, product and technology promotion, the innovation of the low carbon environmental protection products have been favored by consumers, the market is widely recognized.The second phase of construction project starts smoothly marks the LABOBO thin tile sheet business and the opening of a brilliant chapter.
At 11, production base, the chorus salute.In the local government leaders and guests, under the witness of north flow to the city's mayor vowed north flow, new Goldman sachs ceramics co., LTD. Two demonstration plant construction project officially started, the cheerful music and salute, the scene rendering was transported with joy.
Chairman Mr Tang Shuo degrees leisurely speech, said: "must work together with all parties, careful planning, scientific organization, strict construction, pay attention to safety, to ensure that the second phase of construction projects to ensure the quality to complete on time and ensure the production line to do a successful ignition operation, in order to produce better economic and social benefits, for local economic construction and national prosperity to make due contributions."
LA'BOBO thin tile plate actively responded to an appeal by the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, using high-tech to create alternative to traditional construction finishing products, reduce the waste of renewable resources, its product features a frivolous dexterity, thickness of only 4.8 mm, is a traditional 1/5 of the 1/3 of the same specification ceramic, stone, weighs less than 12 kg / ㎡, to meet the production process, product, transportation, installation, maintenance, renovation, and other aspects of energy conservation and environmental protection, reduce the cost.According to statistics, the LA'BOBO thin tile sheet compared with the traditional brick of pottery and porcelain the same specification, every square metre can save 60% of the mineral resources, 50% of its electricity, 50% 60% less fuel consumption and emissions;In logistics link, will enhance the transport efficiency of 60%;In the construction and use the link, can shorten the construction period, save installation comprehensive cost 50%.LA'BOBO thin tile sheet products belong to inorganic veneer porcelain plate, low comprehensive cost of society, with the whole cycle is long life is most valuable, the most green security features, truly green skin is known as the city construction.
Amid warm applause, north flow, a new Goldman sachs ceramics co., LTD. Demonstration plant phase ii project perfect opening ceremony is over.Learned,LA'BOBO thin tile sheet phase ii project will denounce is gigantic endowment, construction ceramic plate production line 1, the annual production capacity will reach 5.25 million square meters, hope to become one of the largest professional ceramic plate production base in China.
The second phase of construction project construction means LA'BOBO thin tile plate production scale will increase sharply, will rapidly increase capacity, can fully meet the market demand and supply, LA'BOBO thin tile the stable development of ceramic plate, verify the light-weight products have been based on the market, and the pressing needs of the consumers of low carbon environmental protection products.We believe that under the social people from all walks of life support and care, in the enterprise under the joint efforts of scholars, LA'BOBO thin tile sheet will express the most great brilliant chapter.
Here, north flow, a new Goldman sachs ceramics co., LTD., chairman of Mr Tang Shuo degrees delivered a speech
The picture shows all the leaders, to take photos with Chinese and foreign guests and partners
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