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All the story Build the gold medal team

-- LA'BOBO thin tile participation of outward bound training, experience life journey
Some people say that life is a arrived, we've been on the road.On March 2, 2014 in the morning, in the LA'BOBO thin tile thin board chairman of the board of directors of the company Tang Shuo degrees, under the leadership of Mr Company personnel on a voyage of life - full to guangzhou Olympic sports center to participate in training.
LA'BOBO thin tile sheet is always our duty is to protect the environment, including the chairman of the board of directors of the company in the event Mr Tang Shuo degree, all members to take the subway, green travel.Company uphold and practice the green management idea, to create green environment contribute their strength.
The training to enhance the personal qualities, strengthening the consciousness of team as purpose.Life coach by multiple games all-round Angle let everybody understand the experience of looking at it, communication, care, trust, gratitude and bravery, the importance of teamwork.Really achieved a personal, for the team's life journey, let us further understand and reflect on their own, for getting along with people better, provide direction and team growth.
In the process of making small body coordination game, life coach guide to explore how to deal with the "good and bad in life.Life is not perfect, have orgasm will be low, have happiness will have sorrow.First to rational realized that this is not perfect, and then with a good brave in the face of a bad.And LA'BOBO thin tile plate, although has made some achievements, but for traditional ceramic tile, ceramic plate is still a new thing, in the process of company development will certainly encounter rough, LA'BOBO thin tile plate will be with the right attitude to face the good and bad.
In another challenging climbing activities, full physically, brave gave their "climbing" for the first time.Although in the game, some people afraid of heights, there are fears that power is not enough, there are fears that finished the task of face, and so on, but finally get up the courage to challenge.There are a lot of people even after the victory over the inner fear, again and again to challenge the higher difficulty of rock mass.But also the birth of "BOBO spiderman.The chants and cheers.LA'BOBO thin tile all are so brave and not afraid of difficult, ceramic plate members believe in the future, even if the market situation changes, yunbo wryly, LA'BOBO thin tile sheet will surely to the sea in "straight", the ceramic plate industry first brand.
In "fire fighting" hero of the game, each member full engagement, to achieve the final victory, and try my best.After the end of the game everyone feel an excellent team, must have a sound management, reasonable plan as a whole, wise strategy, a clear division of labor, with the tacit understanding and efficient execution.After the game, LA'BOBO thin tile sheet more members of the team, team's fighting capacity will significantly increase in the future.
After a day of training, a lot of partners to share their feelings with others.Someone said, no emotional communication in our daily life is terrible, after will be more and more people around to care about, do not do not bump of the emotion;Some people say that in the face of the unknown, the challenge will be more brave, because the human potential is boundless, to believe in yourself.Also, some say, a chopstick is easy to broken, a pair of chopsticks are hard to break, now is the time when the team cooperation, only improved the team's fighting capacity, to better achieve the goal, so will pay more attention to team work and team building.
LA'BOBO thin tile plate is a young enterprise, has a group of young and passionate staff, has strong combat effectiveness team gold medal, LA'BOBO thin tile plate has never stop steps forward, LA'BOBO thin tile plate has been on the road...
The graph is lecturer in life to share with you
The graph is to reach the warriors
The graph is BOBO spider-man
The graph is BOBO chairman Mr Tang Shuo degrees after the summit
Here all members of the group photo


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