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Tea three section Warm women

Today's society, "women hold up half the sky" is a fact of life.More and more women are in their respective positions lambe, reveal the essence of "women don't let a man".While the woman such as flower, woman like water, like a delicate and charming, softness and tenderness.Women need more care, need more understanding.
On March 8 afternoon, LA'BOBO thin tile plate held a simple and sweet tea party "three · eight international women's day".Mr., President and chairman of the board of directors of the company Mr Tang Shuo degrees Xie Dong to attend, and intensive care company female colleague's work and life, at the same time, thank you very much all female colleagues to contribute to the company, hope in the future days, all female colleagues can work happy, happy life.In addition, the company also intimate love for each female colleague on the mask and hand cream, let all female colleagues to youth and beauty such as flower.
In the tea party, all female colleagues also speak out, share their experiences in work and life.Atmosphere relaxed and happy, everyone is permeated with a happy smile on their faces.Virtually become more intimate between the colleague, LA'BOBO thin tile plate the whole team will also become more united.LA'BOBO thin tile sheet always adhere to the "people-oriented" concept, efforts to create a better working environment for every employee, sincere concern and understanding of each employee, strive to make every LABOBO thin tile plate employees can happy work, happy life!
“Three · eight international women's day" tea party event
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