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Conveniently, 2014 BOBO will be fully upgraded

—— interview LA'BOBO thin tile plate, managing Tang Shuo degrees



After years of rapid growth, has entered a slow the growth of ceramic industry started in 2012, goodbye again double-digit growth in 2013.At the same time, the national government advocates and the development of low carbon economy, energy conservation and environmental protection requirements for ceramic traditional manufacturing such as higher stricter;Jiang Xigao Ann branching channel, shandong zibo, sichuan region such as the government is also actively promote the transformation and upgrading of ceramics industry.
Brick of pottery and porcelain is a thin, on the other hand, the building sanitary ceramics industry "twelfth five-year" development plan "explicitly put forward to realize the main target.Let the traditional ceramic tile by the thick and thin, vigorously develop new products such as ceramic plate is not only comply with the national government's policy, is also the ceramic enterprises an effective way to realize the transformation and upgrading.
But as an innovative product, affected by traditional consumption concept, promotion and the popularization of ceramic plate is not easy.
In recent years, the development of domestic sheet market situation?Sheet of the enterprise development status?This is the industry closely.The LA'BOBO thin tile sheet Tang Shuo degree, the general manager to accept our interview, elaborate domestic plate and the changes of the market in recent years, as well as the LA'BOBO thin tile plate in the way of business.
Sheet sales in the domestic market is growing rapidly
"Before 2012, exports accounted for 70% of the total amount of our company sales of above, and in 2013, domestic sales accounted for more than 50%, the proportion of exports and domestic sales this year up to now, even more."
Ceramic information: in 2013, LA'BOBO thin tile product sales year-on-year changes happened in 2012?
Tang Shuo degrees: in 2012, we vigorously promotes the enterprise culture, team building, market development, product promotion, brand building, such as work, after more than a year of efforts, the preliminary product supply chain and distribution system, laying solid foundation for future development for the enterprise.So in 2013, our product sales in 2012 on the basis of achieved double again.
In addition, the terminal consumer attitude towards sheet cognitive concept and recognition of gradual change and deepening, adoption is on the rising, plus sheet itself unique by the "thin, large, light and toughness" and other excellent features, and saves the cost of construction, construction is convenient and efficient, low comprehensive cost of whole long cycle life, etc. Product application advantages, will greatly promote the overall image of city building fa? Ade quality and performance of the scientific use of resources, social civil responsibility to protect earth's environment, leading to economize, the new trend of development of green architecture, green and other significant application and economic value, the current products have been sold at home and abroad, and in the country and the government on the marketization of public construction, social construction project.This is our enterprise enters benign development, product sales increase the important external causes.
With accelerate the development of society, ceramic resource overexploitation of consumption, the world's energy shortage and environmental pollution worsening, etc., building ceramic enterprise's production costs and environmental pressure will increase day by day;Development of resource saving and environment friendly ceramic products, has become an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of ceramics industry.
Ceramic information: last year, you are in with the financial times in an interview with forecast, "along with the increase of consumer acceptance, the next five years, domestic production capacity sheet or super 1 billion party".In the past year, consumer acceptance and recognition of sheet have obvious promotion?
Tang Shuo degrees: this kind of situation was especially obvious in terms of tooling, as compared with traditional ceramic tile plate edge has been especially prominent, product reputation spread very quickly in tooling industry, the growth of demand in every year to increase at a faster pace.The best example is, open later this year, we got the project in an endless stream, and far more than the usual sales at any time.Ceramic plate is really an application can be all-round, all-weather and high, big, green building materials products (high-end, atmosphere, grade).
Now LA'BOBO thin tile partners more and more, not only has a large property developers, building strategic cooperation partners, and there are many dealers, this is the best.
In August last year, the state council issued the opinions "about speed up the development of energy saving and environmental protection industry, the establishment of energy conservation and environmental protection industry will become a new pillar industry of national economy.So I predict that as countries and reducing consumption, energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection green development policies and measures introduced gradually and their implementation;Along with the social from all walks of life to the environment, environmental protection, green, safety, long life, low carbon, and full product cycle social comprehensive cost management knowledge deepening and ascension;As resources, energy and services, service prices generally rose, ceramic plate will have an explosive growth and market spring will never die!
Ceramic information: because the problem of acceptance, the early ceramic plate sales mainly rely on exports, still like this?LA'BOBO thin tile, for example, present the proportion of export and domestic sales?
Tang Shuo degrees: before 2012, exports account for more than 70% of the total amount of the our company sales, but in 2013 the national policy support, industry, and more than all the factory for the product to promote, the fast development of the domestic market, now in our enterprise sales, sale in domestic market share has exceeded 50%, the proportion of exports and domestic sales this year may achieve 4:6, and more.
Ceramic information: in addition to more and more consumer recognition, the sheet in the domestic sales of rapid ascension, and what are the reasons?
Tang Shuo degrees: if is summed up in one word, I think is a form of Chinese architecture and decoration habit is more suitable for ceramic plate of the shop is stuck.
High-rise building facade decoration, for example, economic value and social value of ceramic plate is more outstanding, lightweight sheet products to quickly replace the original quality of the heavier traditional architecture materials such as granite, marble, and the product weight is only one 5 of the latter, not only reduce the load of the building pressure, during the installation process can greatly reduce consumable materials, auxiliary materials and artificial cost and so on various aspects.At the same time, thanks to the popularity of ink-jet printing technology, under the glaze color, thin plate products in terms of design and color, texture and other decorative effects can already equivalent to that of granite and marble.
In domestic outfit, sheet, too, can replace wallpaper, wood and other organic material, can bring more healthy for consumers, environmental protection, green home life.We are organizing force in development and production of a batch can be comparable to those of the wallpaper products, its texture, color temperature will be similar to the wallpaper, then, would you please to our headquarters preview of our new showroom.
Ceramic information: in foreign markets?
Tang Shuo degrees: last year our exports also in double-digit growth.But light-weight product applications, because in different countries, different regions according to its obvious differences among different building codes.As the European and American countries, their construction scale is not as China's volume is big, also with China in terms of architectural form, culture are very different, the pursuit of the Chinese architecture, high-end luxury atmosphere, high quality and in Europe and the United States, the building is more of an art, a kind of religious culture.So the facade in the facade of the building, decoration application is not the same.
Stage 2 years production line put into production
"Phase ii production line annual capacity of 3.7 million square meters, the LABOBO thin tile after the production capacity will greatly improve."
Ceramic information: industry enterprises are still rarely do sheet now, in the promotion and popularization of products, last year to LA'BOBO thin tile mainly do what?
Tang Shuo degrees: in terms of production, production capacity continues to expand, technology research has made many breakthroughs.We are currently are accelerating the construction of phase ii production line, production capacity compared with the period more than doubled, but comprehensive energy consumption dropped 20% than before.This production line is expected to be completed and put into operation during the year, the annual output can reach 3.7 million square meters, with a period of the annual capacity of 1.5 million square metre, then our annual output can reach more than 500 square meters.
In marketing, we set up a sound distribution network, more and more and more recognized this lightweight products, recognized its economic and social value, middlemen cooperation with strength.At the same time, we formed a technocrat services and marketing teams, to partners and consumers provide the construction scheme, the shop is stuck directions for use, and the application of special architectural solutions.
Ceramic information: if the second phase of production, it will mean moment capacity increases more than twice, once more for such a big production capacity, will bring you pressure?
Tang Shuo degrees: if say pressure main pressure from the market, the whole marketing team, including me, pressure is not small.So this year, we in staffing, team building and perfect partners did a lot of development on the preparation of high strength, hope that through fully prepared to quickly achieve the equilibrium of production and marketing, do good product well.
Ceramic information: compared with traditional ceramic tile, sheet is evident advantage on the price?
Tang Shuo degrees: compared with the granite, marble or the same specification for the ceramic tile has price advantage, plus other cost reduction, comprehensive, if use sheet instead of these products, the construction cost will be greatly reduced.This is also we are able to participate in market competition the fundamental and core.
Marketing the gallery moved to headquarters To speed up the brand image upgrade
"Enterprise development, the corresponding application and display space and the enterprise image requires synchronization to ascend, and existing exhibition hall space is narrow, have been unable to meet the demand of enterprise and the product of the development of space show."
Ceramic information: hear LA'BOBO thin tile this year plan marketing exhibition hall by the creative industrial park headquarters moved to China ceramics industry headquarters, this is for the sake of what?
Tang Shuo degrees: over the years, we mainly is the technical innovation, transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment guidance as an opportunity, as the breakthrough point, to build production demonstration base for periodic main goals, growth and development of ceramic sheet pioneering enterprises to explore a new path.This year and next two or three years is still our opportunity, the opportunities, but also our hardware, software construction and perfect, healthy development of the year.Can say, PORCELA BOBO before a few years' growth, we caught more is to rely on technological development opportunities, opportunities;In the next few years development, we need to use more good policies and good opportunity, seize the resources, strong bones, strengthen physical health.
We move to headquarters to, this is the enterprise development to a certain stage inevitable behavior, enterprise development, the corresponding application and display space and the enterprise image requires synchronization, co., LTD., the space is narrow, the current exhibition hall and have been unable to meet the need of the development of the enterprise and the product display space.In addition, China ceramic headquarters is a professional ceramic marketing and display platform, gathered a number of domestic famous ceramic brand, after we moved in the past, I believe that we can encourage each other with the enterprises, learn from each other, complement each other, seek common development.
Ceramic information: do the sheet for so many years, now LA'BOBO thin tile product structure?The products cover what type?
Tang Shuo degrees: after years of research and development innovation, our product structure system is very perfect, there are 13 series in nearly more than two hundred varieties products, this is all according to the development of target market demand, with the diversity of the application object and the application in the field of pertinence.At the same time, our product development along with the change of market consumption idea change, each phase of the research and development center of gravity has a special focus.
For the adornment of the different buildings and different places have different features.As for the building facade, we mainly research and development of some alternative granite, marble, the product of the rock, its texture, color will appear very bold and thick, in order to reflect the tall majestic building itself.For the products for interior surface, will be to imitate cloth, imitation leather, such as direction, its are tonal also is relatively soft.
Ceramic information: in terms of floor?
Tang Shuo degrees: floor is relatively less, because consumers are still worry about this kind of floor is too thin and not too strong, but in fact, the floor is completely no problem, its density and performance in full compliance with the application requirements.
I think in the near future, consumers will gradually change the idea, and as energy conservation, environmental protection concept of thorough popular feeling, consumers will gradually fade out the misunderstanding, but the implementation of this process also requires us to do a lot of effort.
The purpose of information: the ceramic plate is extensive, the PORCELA 'pointed to try to develop some functional products BOBO?
Tang Shuo degrees: the our country architectural pottery is heading for industry transformation and the technical path of ascension, the ultrathin, super light, temperature and functional realization of technology innovation, resource recovery, low carbon and functional and intelligent is the inevitable choice of green building ceramic industry development.Our development direction is, therefore, the first phase of the main meet decorative products, achieve breakthrough in the field of product physical and chemical properties;The second stage is functional, gift products such as power generation, antibacterial, self-cleaning or can produce the function such as photosynthesis, make its are not limited to decorative materials, but also a set of intelligent of the function of the green building materials.


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