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LABOBO thin tile plate: 2014 Qatar International Building Materials Fair

【Show time】: May 12, 2014 - May 15
【Venue】: International Exhibition Center in Doha, Qatar
The LABOBO thin tile plate to depart Doha, Qatar International Exhibition Center, and strive to more foreign friends show more and better environmental health materials, Here I will introduce the exhibition event.
Doha, Qatar International Building Materials Fair to attract a lot of international building materials stone manufacturer, supplier, will directly meet the building needs a lot of Qatar. Doha, Qatar International Exhibition of Building Materials and effectively promote trade and business between exhibitors and Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Gulf region. Doha, Qatar, in the Middle East by the International Building Materials Exhibition well-known exhibition company contractors IFP, IFP will provide a comprehensive and detailed business services to exhibitors. 2012 (9th) in Doha, Qatar International Building Materials Exhibition attracted a total of 48 countries, 2083 exhibitors, international exhibitors 1724 local exhibitors 359, an increase of about 400 companies than in 2011, with a total area of ​​62,000 square meters the number of visitors there are 45,995 people from 76 countries.
Doha, Qatar International Building Materials Exhibition will provide exhibitors with buyers from around the world, and directs the exhibitors to enter the building materials market in Qatar, Qatar Exhibition Centre is an ideal business location, one local has exempted tariffs, on the other hand there are other countries Embassy gathering place.
National pavilions gathered: In addition to the exhibitors in the Middle East, the United States, Germany, Britain, Australia, France, Spain and other traditional building materials power, have the form of national pavilions in the exhibition debut, similar to Dubai BIG5 exhibition. Special engineering machinery exhibition outdoor exhibition area.


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