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Beiliu city leaders visited China Ceramics City Hall LABOBO thin tile

Mayflower If clouds, climate contend May, May, floral aroma. In tender and inclusive growth, cultivation and harvest of Chaintech May, Beiliu city mayor personally recruit Chinese Ceramic City visit LABOBO thin tile Products, it has brought great encouragement and motivation for employees .



May 14, accompanied by the chairman TANG LA'BOBO thin tile of other leaders, recruit a special trip to China Ceramics City Mayor visited LA'BOBO thin tile hall. Merchants Mayor Tang Shuo of chairman, Xie Dong, president and sales staff cordial meeting and heard TANG of chairman for the general case, the ceramic plate operation of the company "thin, large, new, hard" features of the company's future development goals, ceramics introduction tremendous economic value and social value sheets and more. "Production LA'BOBO thin tile plate can be substantial savings mineral resource depletion, reducing overall energy consumption, reduce emissions, the use of ceramic plate can save a lot of space, reduce overall costs," Mayor strokes caused a pedestrian interest. A comprehensive understanding of the company's production operations and technology, the mayor and recruit leaders at all levels, accompanied by the accompanying product spoke highly of and fully affirmed the chairman TANG degree vision, pioneering and innovative spirit, courage and strong "scientific use of resources and protecting the global environment, "the social responsibility and mission, praised the efforts and achievements of the enterprise in the development of the local economy, energy saving and environmental protection, I hope the company production base is located in Beiliu able to achieve fully operational as soon as possible, and encouraged management team continues to work diligently as always, pioneering and innovative. The mayor also recruit for the future development of the company made many recommendations, but he also said the government will be highly concerned LA'BOBO thin tile such environment-friendly enterprises, the future development LA'BOBO thin tile will give the necessary support.
After five years of hard work, LA'BOBO thin tile plate has become the industry pioneer brand, recruit the mayor's visit fully demonstrates the company after years of development made remarkable achievements. He made a special trip to visit and guide our work greatly inspired the majority of enterprise employees a sense of pride and accomplishment for us to move on to add a powerful impetus.
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