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China building decoration association wu hao to LA'BOBO thin tile plate

On July 12, China building decoration association executive director of design committee wu hao, accompanied by the Chinese home JuWang Li Xuanyan operations director, to LA'BOBO thin tile sheet visit foshan operations center, LA'BOBO thin tile sheet China division director of strategic cooperation week bead, LA'BOBO thin tile sheet Xie Gancai brand center project manager for the reception.
As a new type of green building materials, ceramic plate is unknown for general audience, primarily because of ceramic sheet now promotion, use limited to the engineering construction field, application in the field of traditional decoration or less. Wu, director of the travel, mainly want to know about the development prospect of the ceramic plate this category. In the process of investigation, LA'BOBO thin tile sheet Xie Gancai brand center project manager for wu, director of the introduced LA'BOBO thin tile plate, and the basic situation of the ceramic advantages compared with traditional ceramic plate. LA'BOBO thin tile sheet China division director of strategic cooperation week bead for the guests introduced LA'BOBO thin tile sheet of the latest research and development direction, and detailed interpretation of the LA 'BOBO the use of ceramic plate on the renovation, the insulation advantages of integration project, and is developing the health care system. Weeks total also pointed out that countries vigorously promote energy conservation and environmental protection career now, and the green building is one of the key projects, as a sheet of innovators LA'BOBO thin tile plate has been committed to the development of green building. With ten years profundity of LA'BOBO thin tile plate, in the future will bring to transformation and upgrading of Chinese ceramics new directions, contributing to China's green building cause murmuring of their own power.
Wu hao said that about the ceramic plate was the first time he contact, more are traditional ceramic contact before. After listening to LA 'BOBO related introduction, let him to a new understanding of ceramic plate, especially for the future development trend of new type of green building materials full of expectation. In he said,In LA'BOBO thin tile plate led the innovation, will be able to promote the development of the whole sheet, to the market and consumers more surprises.




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