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Guangxi new Goldman sachs thin ceramic co., LTD., was awarded the "2015" of the guangxi science and technology prize

June 24, 2016, congress held in nanning guangxi science and technology awards.Autonomous region party committee secretary, director of the autonomous region people's congress (NPC) qing-hua peng attended the conference, the autonomous region chairman Chen wu speech at the meeting.In conference reward, the autonomous region people's government awarded the 155 results for the guangxi science and technology awards, 2015 in nine big industry and technology, the new guangxi Goldman thin ceramic co., LTD., China and guilin university of science and technology development, guangxi branch joint research and development of "environmental protection high efficiency and energy saving materials in 4.8 mm thin ceramic plate technology development and application of" project won the second prize of science and technology progress prize.
Chen wu on behalf of the autonomous region party committee, government to congratulate the award-winning staff, on the general scientific and technical workers said the lofty respect.He pointed out that the national science and technology is popular, technology strong a country is strong.Emphasized we must earnestly study and implement the spirit of national conference on scientific and technological innovation, focus on innovation driven development, such as "made in China 2025" national major strategy, science and technology innovation as the key support to speed up the development, and promote the emerging kinetic energy to accelerate growth, promote the transform and upgrade traditional kinetic energy, engine fueled with innovation of our economic transformation and upgrading.
Guangxi new thin ceramic co., LTD., chairman of Goldman sachs Tang Shuo degrees (at the same time LABOBO thin tile plate), the founder of brand is "environmental protection high efficiency and energy saving materials in 4.8 mm thin ceramic plate complete sets of technology development and application" project principal, on the same day as the district 30 office accepted the autonomous region was one of the leadership awards.The gain high recognition in the autonomous region government, is a new Goldman sachs thin ceramic co., LTD. Guangxi development technology and production team's glorious event.
As is known to all, guangxi new Goldman sachs thin ceramic co., LTD. Has always been based on "scientific and technological innovation" as the core power of enterprise development, actively respond to a nation called on driver development by innovation, to promote the traditional ceramic industry to promote the new green building materials application for struggle, insist on the development of China's smart route, following the country's development strategy.The production of new green building materials LA'BOBO thin tile sheet (main specifications for 1200 x600x4. 8 mm ceramic plate), compared with the traditional ceramic tile, building ceramic material weight per unit area can reduce more than 1 times, save more than 60% of the raw material resources, reduce comprehensive energy consumption by more than 50%.2009 years of independent research and development design production sheet thickness of 4.8 mm ceramic, this technology can with the production technology of Italy and Spain.At the same time, Mr Tang Shuo degrees since founded LA'BOBO thin tile plate, has been committed to the development of Chinese ceramic sheet, in under the LA'BOBO thin tile sheet the excellent achievements in many fields.It was in this premise, guangxi new Goldman sachs thin ceramic co., LTD., relying on solid enterprise development, r&d and production of powerful strength, since its establishment, excellent product quality and promoting green building environmental causes, and the height of the autonomous region government endorsed, voted 2015 guangxi scientific and technological progress second prize.
It is reported, including four categories of the guangxi science and technology prize award: special award for science and technology, natural science and technology invention, scientific and technological progress prize, each year in guangxi science award prizes are to make a significant contribution to the economy and society of guangxi scientific and technological achievements.Reward program of 85 project 315 obtain patent licenses, in 2012 ~ 2014 the new sales of 156.3 billion yuan over the 3 years of the new profit of 28.1 billion yuan, the new tax 9.3 billion yuan, the foreign exchange earning $580 million, saving 1.9 billion yuan, to highlight the role of the independent innovation of economic support.
We firmly believe that in the future, under the high recognition in the autonomous region government and care of guangxi new Goldman sachs thin ceramic co., LTD. Will the record, his contributions to science and technology development of the autonomous region, promote the development of the autonomous region economy, as well as to the cause of China's green building development.




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