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Brand VI comprehensive upgrade, LA'BOBO thin tile optimization for LA' BOBO

Every going, with a lofty mission; Every development journey, writing a glorious legend! LA'BOBO thin tile, six years like one day, in the field of architectural pottery, writing a glorious legend plate! In six years, LA'BOBO thin tile plate opened up in the global marketing strategy, in America, Britain, France, Japanese, German, America, Asia, the European powers! However, LA'BOBO thin tile never forgot his "scientific use of resources, protect the earth environment" mission, never stop exploring the pace of innovation!
In order to meet the needs of the development of the new period, the market competition of globalization, and after years precipitate the baptism, LA'BOBO thin tile decision optimization for LA' BOBO, comprehensively upgrading the brand VI, accelerate the market transmission efficiency, improve the identification of terminals, to meet the visual demand of users. LA'BOBO thin tile brand optimization for LA' BOBO, is the enterprise decision-makers a wise and bold decision!
Updated LA 'BOBO brand VI, gather the world's advanced design elements, with dark gray color, supplemented by black, white, aureate, simple, beautiful, unique features fusion perfectly! LOGO combination ways, adopt thin round and fat round combination design, in addition to join auxiliary B fonts triangular array, reveals the modern architecture style, fashion brand leading technology exhibit clear.
LA 'BOBO from all aspects, such as ICONS, fonts, tonal upgraded, continues the BOBO this core element! "LA" in Latin, French, Spanish, etc.), equivalent to the in English; "BOBO" in Chinese means "vitality" "view and take about, who is thin hair". New application system including business CARDS, notes, fax paper, envelopes, notebooks, employee's card, visitor card, paper cup, water cup, handbag, environmental protection bags, clothing, t-shirts, CD and covers, U disk, exterior signs, badges, advertising umbrella, such as types, comprehensive ceramic sheet transfer to consumer LA 'BOBO brand-new aesthetic image.
According to LA 'BOBO (also LA'BOBO thin tile) brand founder Tang Shuo degree is introduced, the establishment of new VI, comprehensive specification of brand image, brand again for the opportunity of development to upgrade! This also is enterprise development direction adjustment, a sign of international brand strategy is in full swing!
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