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LA'BOBO thin tile plate production third anniversary celebration party

On November 14th night, LA'BOBO thin tile plate factory third anniversary carnival evening party was held in the north flow production base in guangxi, the company all staff more than five hundred people gathered to, and guests in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. Celebration wine taste, taste delicious food and award, advanced talent, Syria has for a friendship into an organic whole, versatile new Goldman sachs perform on stage in succession, show beautiful song and beautiful dance, let the show is permeated with festive atmosphere.
That night,LA'BOBO thin tile sheet chairman Mr Tang Shuo degrees delivered a warm speech. Tang dong in his speech, reviews the achievements of the past few years the company and the development of the prospective planning for the future. He emphasizes, company since put into production volume rise, especially market environment facing severe situation this year, still maintain rapid growth, cannot leave the government departments, financial community, suppliers and the general customers the support! His concern over the years the company development and growth of you my heartfelt thanks, and expects the future have more close cooperation!
The party is made up of recognition, performance, and draw three parts. For recognition of the advanced model, the company for the past year, various departments, various positions emerge a batch of outstanding achievement of employees to give material and spiritual rewards. Performance of on site, content is rich, has attractive tianzhu, movement, dance group dance, chorus of indirect, wild band performances and stimulate the interactive game... In addition, in the compact performances, with a sweepstakes, exquisite prizes such as cameras, bicycles, electric rice cooker, quilt, was more than one hundred lucky away!
Party all by LA'BOBO thin tile sheet employees organize planning, from the host ACTS as the main, performance and so on each link. Live performances, the applause, presented a blast! These wonderful programs, not only shows the BOBO are versatile, and highlights the spirit of enterprise employees rich life, build first-class enterprise culture of mind. Finally, company's top directors through the way of chorus, announced that the whole party concluded, at the same time, a symbol of the open sunny tomorrow.
, LA'BOBO thin tile sheet since put into production, from the first production line was built in 2012, the annual output of 1.5 million ㎡ ceramic sheet, to build the second production line, annual output of 5 million ㎡ today ceramic sheet, in a short span of three years, and realize the balance of production and sales. Three years ago today, LA'BOBO thin tile plate setting sail, sail victory; Three years later, LA'BOBO thin tile sheet to harvest the fruit, sharing the joy! Idle away one's, LA'BOBO thin tile sheet step run has made to peer results! Believe under the leadership of the company at the top right, adhere to the "scientific use of resources, protect the earth environment" beliefs don't waver, continue to struggle the way of construction ceramic thin, will be to the next level, to make greater progress!
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