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BOBO ceramics production base plate held the third employees sports meet

With hope and joy of harvest, fall with lightsome pace, quietly come.On October 25, BOBO ceramic plate production base - guangxi new Goldman sachs thin ceramic co., LTD., also ushered in the harvest season, "new Goldman sachs third employees sports meet (and the opening ceremony for factory day)" officially launched.
On October 25, the air crisp, the guangxi north flow of a new Goldman sachs blue sky with a song the athletes march sot, new Goldman sachs third employees sports meet (and factory day) on time for the opening ceremony, each team and player by department as the unit line up to enter, cannons playing music.Host simply introduced the new third employees sports meet by Goldman sachs event project and the schedule, the company always announced a new leadership in the third annual staff games!Raging audience, the players shouted "new Goldman sachs refueling" slogan, the official start of the game.
On the same day, held a tug of war, table tennis, badminton and chess game.The best way to male cat w the tug of war, appears to be a simple activity, but it used to not only "one plus one equals two" such a simple together, but need to teamwork, pay attention to the geometry of division of labor cooperation level multiplication.Especially some of the gender imbalance department, other players do not identity, and only woman when a man and man as a robot!Each contestant, of course, is not "water", include cheerleading everything, "out of style, spirit, race out of friendship!
It is worth mentioning, on October 28 afternoon, BOBO ceramic plate production base and marketing center launched a meaningful communication basketball game, both sides send elite players.LA'BOBO ceramic plate is crouching tiger, hidden dragon, many players nimble skill get, dribbling, passing, defense, shoot baskets, well organized, the whole game exciting!After 40 minutes of see-saw, finally made in 41 than 37, marketing centre team espanyol factory team by 4 points.Game, of course, is "the second game, friendship first", aimed at to improve communication, friendly eutectic, the result is not important.
The games, all the players are fully shows the movement of "swifter, higher, stronger" spirit, go all out, but remain modest and prudent, do not despise your enemy is not cheating, and promote the spirit of unity to assist the indomitable, win win proud!Believe that the new Goldman sachs of the family, will be put on the spirit of struggle, into the work and life, with faith and hard work to accomplish our common dream.


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