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"Passion of summer, together" - LA 'BOBO ceramic sheet employees birthday party successfully held in June and July

    On July 30, LA 'BOBO ceramic plate in the theme of "passion summer together," the staff birthday party.This birthday party hosted by new colleague company two intern, LA 'BOBO ceramic plate company leadership and marketing center all colleagues attended the birthday party, the birthday girl for June and July's birthday on the warm wishes and a nice present.International division general manager ma ailing article on behalf of the company for each person on the sincere wishes, she encouraged everyone family growth and development together with the company.
    The birthday party in a total of 11 longevity for blessings, they came from multiple departments and positions, including sales, marketing and supply departments at home and abroad.The birthday girl standing on the stage to accept the blessing today, has been going all out to do a good job in their own at ordinary times, in their careers is aspersing hard sweat and precious youth, contributed to the development of the new company's indelible meritorious service and brilliant record.
    No words, no gold, two thousand, but each bunch of flowers on behalf of a heart, each a greeting card on behalf of a greeting.Held once every two months LA BOBO ceramic plate employees' birthday party, condensed the chairman of the board of directors and all colleagues for your family's care and the greetings of love.LA 'BOBO ceramic sheet family every witness a wonderful moment of true love and warm, wish every birthday happy birthday to the birthday girl, healthy body, the career progress.
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