LABOBO is a new leading enterprise among the world in the thin tile industry. It is a combination of manufacture, forestry and IT industry, running the business with the idea of creative and eco-protective, supporting the manufacture with forestry and IT to achieve eco-friendly, energy-saving and zero pollution. Ensure the long term competitiveness and sustainability of the company through scientific research, innovation, and design and information technology.
LA’BOBO gets together international thin tile experts and top oriental architects, using the latest and innovative special technology to produce 4.8mm thin tile with European standard in any sizes; which has become a shinning new star in present eco-protective time. LA’BOBO has launched many series products with the idea of thin, light, strong and big; successfully build up the company image of green skin for architecture and leading the traditional tile industry to upgrade and transform.
LA’BOBO thin tile is fire-proof, moisture-proof, mould-proof, long lasting, low cost, low labor cost, resources saving and environment improving. It can be widely used indoor or outdoor wall, bus station, airport, metro station and all sorts of places, it has been gaining great reputation among the world through thousands of projects. The application of LA’BOBO thin tile is going to be the revolutionary replacement of traditional tiles and materials, thin tiles with bigger size but lighter weight are going to be the trend of the market.
Keeping low carbon is to treat the planet better, is to respect life and enjoy lives, more over it is a kind of awareness, it is an action and it is a way to live and produce. LA’BOBO cooperates with its global partners under the idea of rational use of resources to protect the global environment, through offering them with technology and proficient, brand and management, equipment and product to reach less pollution and make contribution to modern eco-friendly buildings and environmental protection, to make LA’BOBO the NO.1 brand of low carbon ceramic. It is the duty to all LA’BOBO people to work together with their partners and use their creativity to push forward the new environmental protected technology of architectural industry and make earth a greener and healthier home for all of us.


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