Jiangyin first people’s hospital

Jiangyin first people’s hospital
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JiangYin first people’s hospital
Construction scale: building area: 50,000sqm/ buliding height: 70 meters
Quantity used: 17,000 square meters of thin tiles used as interior cladding
Project status: completed
Jiangyin First People’s Hospital is an affiliated hospital of southeast university and nantong university. It is a comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, preventive care and recovery.
LA'BOBO thin tile worked closely with the hospital. In consideration of the hospital’s need for product quality, characteristics and colors, we selected about 17,000 square meters of item c2 from Paris series for interior cladding. In 2010, the building was completed and put into use, and it became the first truly low-carbon energysaving building in its place, representing the common low-carbon healthy concept and social responsibility of LA'BOBO thin tile and the hospital.
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