Lincang municipal administration building

Lincang municipal administration building
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linchang city hall building
Construction scale: building area: 20,000sqm/ buliding height: 22 meters
Quantity used: 9500 square meters of thin tiles used as interior cladding
Project status: completed
lincang is famous for being close to lancang river. lincang is the convenient landway from Kunming to rangoon of Burma. In the city there are three counties, cangyuan, Gengma and Zhenkang which bordering Burma, reputed as southern silk road. to further implement the arrangement of the Party central committee, the state council, the Governmental Party committee and Government for low-carbon development, lincang People’s Government is practicing the strategy of “Building and ecological city and striving for green development”, establishing the construction goal of “Great Beauty of lincang”. LA'BOBO thin tile has always been advocating “scientific utilization of resources and protection of earth environment”. LA'BOBO thin tile are green and environment-friendly, matching with the development planning of lincang. after indepth communication, the municipal administration building, with about 20,000 square meters building area, 22 meters high, immediately selected 9500 square metes of Paris Pure color series products for interior wall decoration. simple in color and with strong inclusiveness, after completion, it will surely bring about comfortable and peaceful environment, and will become the first green building in lincang guiding the new style of green environmental protection.
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