Shanxi people's hospital

Shanxi people


Shanxi provincial people’s hospital
Construction scale: building area: 70,000sqm/ buliding height: 60 meters
Quantity used: 20,000 square meters of thin tiles used as wall cladding
Project status: completed
Established in 1931, shanxi Provincial People’s Hospital is a comprehensive hospital integrating clinical care, teaching, scientific research, preventive health care and pre-hospital care located at no 256, Youyi Xilu, Xi’an. In 1994 it was appraised by the Ministry of Health as level three First-class Hospital; in 1999 it was approved by the Ministry of Health as top 100 Hospital in china. Hospital is a place with large crowds and lots of germs, so it has high requirements for building materials. Porcela’BoBo thin tiles, fired with high temperature, have glossy surface, not easy to leave stains, easy to clean, large in sizes, small joints, reducing existence of germ. the building is 60 meters high, with building area reaching 70,000 square meters. after close communication, the hospital interior wall applied 20,000 square meters of LA'BOBO thin tile. after completion, it will create more comfortable and safer environment for patients and medical staff.
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