Guiyang dream city

Guiyang dream city
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Guiyang dream city 
Construction scale: building area: 300,000sqm/ buliding height: 120 meters
Quantity used: 15000 square meters of thin tiles used as exterior cladding
Project status: completed
Dream city project is located in yunyan district of guiyang, near yong’ansi road in the south, next to taiyi lane in the north and linking zhaiji road in the west. It is in the old city center in guiyang, with complete life facilities like schools, hospital, commercial facilities and banks, etc. yong’ansi road will become the core city road in the future, with 4 lanes in both directions. dream city project covers an area of 64,000 square meters, with building area up to 300,000 square meters, including 22,000 square meters of commercial area, and with community greening rate up to 35.01%.
LA'BOBO thin tile, as new-type building and decorative materials, relying on the advantage of thickness, dimensiona, construction and cost as well as modern product designs, is favored by the dream city Project. dream city Project Marketing Building, totally 34 storeys, use 15,000 square meters of LA'BOBO thin tile for exterior cladding. after completion, it will surely become the local city center landmark.
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