Guangzhou huangge hotel

Guangzhou huangge hotel
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Guangzhou huangge restaurant
Construction scale: building area: 20,000sqm/ buliding height: 30 meters
Quantity used: 8,000 square meters of thin tiles used as exterior cladding
Project status: completed
Guangzhou Huangge restaurant is located in Huangge town, nansha, Guangzhou, near Hong Kong and Macau, near dongguan across the river. Here is the center and hub of the city agglomeration of Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, shenzhen and Zhuhai, etc.
Huangge restaurant is particular about modern trendy style and low-carbon building operation. the 15000 square meters of item c5 from Paris series not only fully express the hotel temperament with perfect quality and unique color, but also best meet hotel requirements with the 4.8mm thickness. Guangzhou Huangge Hotel, fully completed in 2011, has spread far and wide the style of low-carbon building.
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