Fujian xinri fortune plaza

Fujian xinri fortune plaza
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FuJian xinri fortune plaza
Construction scale: building area: 100,000sqm/ buliding height: 108 meters
Quantity used: 30,000 square meters of thin tiles were used as exterior cladding
Project status: completed
Fujian xinri fortune plaza is located opposite dongyuanlu haiyuan international hotel. With one basement floor and three floors of annex building above ground, it is the first ultrahigh level a office building in Putian’s headquarters economy financial district. Its interior decoration and management are based on five star hotel standards. LA'BOBO thin tile, with excellent quality and world-class design, finally 30,000 square meters of its verona series were selected as exterior cladding. after completion, the project became a new landmark in the east of Putian urban area and the first marker office building and deluxe soHo high-end business comprehensive building representing Putian’s all-new style of city modernization and enterprise modernization. 
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