Subsea tunnel of macau university

Subsea tunnel of macau university
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University of macau crosshabour tunnel
Construction scale: building area: 1.9 kilometers of two-way channel
Quantity used: 25,000 square meters of thin tiles used as wall cladding
Project status: completed
University of Macau cross-Habour tunnel, between Hengqin Island and Macau, is the only channel linking Macau university with Macau. the tunnel goes cross Zhuhai and Macau, with the deepest point about 29 meters under ground, with the top about 10 meters under sea level. the tunnel had short fixed construction period and certain construction difficulty. LA'BOBO thin tile, only 4.8mm thick, can reduce the load of building. Instead of installing steel joists, it can use be fixed directly to the wall with ceramic adhesive, shortening construction period greatly and reducing labor intensity. LA'BOBO thin tile have obvious advantages, which capable of fully meeting tunnel construction requirements. In consideration of tunnel design style and practicality, LA'BOBO thin tile supplied 25,000 square meters of Paris series products for the 1.9km two-way channel wall decoration. Its innovation advantages are best demonstrated in this project. construction scale: 1.9km two-way channel
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