Capital park residential community

Capital park residential community
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Anzhou zhongYang gongyuan shoufu
Construction scale: building area: 220,000 square meters/buliding height: 100 meters
Quantity used: 50,000 square meters of thin tiles used as exterior cladding, lift well and corridor
Project status: completed
Ganzhou Zhongyang • Gongyuan Shoufu is located to the west of Ganzhou Zhanggong District Government. Zhongyang • Gongyuan Shoufu is one of the largest real estate projects in Ganzhou. Besides, it has also won government recognition and praises with its excellent pattern and building structure.
Ganzhou Zhongyang • Gongyuan Shoufu is one of the most outstanding real estate projects in its place, and is the image project of Ganzhou. Originally, Zhongyang • Gongyuan Shoufu had planned to use marble dry-hanging technology for façade tiling. But later when learning that LA'BOBO thin tile was only 4.8mm thick, capable of reducing building load. Without the need to set joists, it can use direct wet tiling method, capable of greatly shortening construction period and reducing labor intensity. More importantly, it can save up to half of overall cost. Ganzhou Zhongyang • Gongyuan Shoufu used 30000 square meters of Granite series products for exterior walls of buildings, and 20000 square meters of Ferrara Polished Glazed series products in lift wells and corridors. Good materials should match with superior buildings. this project was completed in the end of Year 2014, and it will become a brilliant landscape in Ganzhou.
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