The sixteenth people's hospital of zhengzhou city

The sixteenth people
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      16 people's hospital of zhengzhou city (also known as the first affiliated hospital of zhengzhou university hospital group) is the activation of enterprise group co., LTD., after a long-term investigation, attention, scientific reasoning according to the need of group development, to "modern large tertiary general hospital in the construction of" specification for standard, raise nearly 1 billion yuan to build a "modern large comprehensive hospital". The hospital covers an area of 200 mu, total construction area of 230000 square meters, the first phase construction area of 170000 square meters.
      LA'BOBO thin tile plate work closely with the hospital, and to consider to go to the hospital, the quality of product characteristics and tonal need, especially for a hospital custom specifications for 1400 * 700 * 4.8 mm sheet product ZZ - 01, extensive application in the external walls of the hospital, provides the patient with a comfortable, YaJing, medical environment, became the first truly low carbon energy saving building, embodies the LA' BOBO ceramic plate with the hospital common low carbon concept of health and social responsibility.
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